Claude Harmon III is the son of Butch Harmon and coaches some of the world’s best players including Dustin Johnson, Rickie Fowler, Brooks Koepka and Jimmy Walker.

He’s also an ambassador for Cobra and has been helping spread the word about the Cobra Connect system powered by Arccos which is built-in to the brand’s clubs.

The clubs sync with a mobile app which can then provide a range of stats about your game.

Claude Harmon coaching

There’s even a caddie feature which tells you which club to use on each shot based on the data gathered on how far you are likely to hit each club.

Harmon also does a lot of work for Sky Sports during major championships. We caught up with him in at the Open Zone in Carnoustie to pick his brains on how we can use technology to help us improve and how we can play better links golf.

How does your coaching style differ to your dad’s?

Claude Harmon coaching

We’re both trying to do the same thing which is to help golfers improve.

I’m a bit younger than my dad and have access to a bit more technology than him but we are more similar than we are different.

How do you use the information you can get from things like Cobra Connect?

I think the more information you have then that allows you do do what you do better but it’s still all about what you do with that information.

Knowledge is power and knowing how far you can hit all of your clubs, knowing what your tendencies are – that’s massive in helping golfers improve.

Claude Harmon coaching

And how would you use it for your coaching?

Well we’re always analysing, looking at what players strengths and weaknesses are and effectively we’re trying to turn all of the weaknesses into strengths.

Average golfers with the Cobra Connect will be able to find something that they are good at – the data will tell you that you’re good at something.

And then most golfers will practice what they are good at rather than looking at the deficiencies to become a better driver or iron player.

What are some of the other problems you see with handicap golfers?

Claude Harmon coaching

With the Cobra Connect club data it allows you to look at how far you hit each club.

Most golfers vastly over-estimate how far they hit the golf ball. So one of the best ways to improve your iron play is, if it’s a 6-iron, take a 5-iron. If it’s an 8-iron, take a 7-iron.

Now that sounds a bit cliched but it really is true. Most golfers, especially on par 3 holes, massive under-club – that’s what we’ve seen from data of tour players and handicap golfers.

You have to ask yourself when was the last time you hit it over the back of a par 3?

Most people tend to come up short.

So what advice does Claude have to offer handicap players? Interview continues on the next page…