Chris Hanson is a European Tour Professional and a Stromberg ambassador. Here he shows us a quick tip to help improve your chipping around the greens.

First of all you have got to frame the shot. You’ve got to decide what to do, is it a low shot or a high shot. For me, I’m wanting to play a high shot here.

To keep it really simple I’m going to try and take my wrists out of the shot. Keep them nice and steady through the ball. Less can go wrong when you keep them nice and solid.

From there you need to set the club face at address how you want the ball to react. So for a high shot I would tell you to present a lot of loft at address.

More advice from Chris

I have a 10-footer to win my match. What will give me the best chance to hole it?

I was once asked “Chris, if you hit a putt on the perfect line, at the perfect speed will it go in?”

Of course I answered yes! But I was wrong… what happens if the wind blows it, a bird picks it up, or it hits a spike mark.

It really is out of your control once you hit the putt. So concentrate on what you can control then accept what result you get!

And what can you control?

Make a good read, then go through a consistent pre shot routine, and hit the putt. That’s it.

So my advice would be to work on a pre shot routine. Watch some of the best players in the world and see what they do time and time again before each putt, then implement the bits you like into you own personal routine.

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