LET star Charley Hull has her say on dialling back golf equipment

I didn’t need to meet Charley Hull to know she was an exceptional ball striker. Her equipment setup let me know that pretty quickly.

After all there are not many golfers, let alone five-foot-five females, who have blades, a 2-iron, and 125 gram stiff shafts in their bag.

Still, it’s fascinating to watch and very impressive, especially given her slight build. 

Take a few moments to enjoy these clips I took when I spent the day with Charley and TaylorMade at Wentworth recently.

If, like me, you are curious to how she has developed this elite level of ball striking, Hull has a very simple explanation all linking back to her first ever set of clubs.

“When I was 11 I used the TaylorMade RAC MB blades,” she tells me. “I went from long dogs, they were like junior blades, then I went straight to the TaylorMades.

“My first ever coach, Kevin Theobold, wanted me to be a ball striker so I wasn’t allowed to not hit them. From that my dad got me straight into blades.” 

Golf equipment has once again been in the spotlight, particularly with the distance insights report from the R&A and USGA which concluded that increasing length in the game must end.

Given the traditional nature of Hull’s setup I am keen to know what she thinks about possible changes to golf equipment used at the top level.

“Personally I wish all pros would play with blades,” she explains. “If you’re a professional golfer why do you need help?

“Back in the day everyone had to play with similar clubs or blades and be ball strikers.

“It’s much better because it helps the more talented players and gives more flare to the game. I wish it went back that way.

“I almost wish I was born like 30 years ago earlier and played in the olden days.” 

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