The Aussie produced a priceless reaction after catching a glimpse of the photo mocking his rival

Another day, another viral video in the world of LIV Golf vs the PGA Tour. This time courtesy of each side’s biggest stars, as Cam Smith was caught giggling after being shown a meme mocking his great rival Rory McIlroy.

Playing in a practice round ahead of LIV Golf Chicago, Smith was called over by a member of the ‘DrunkByTheTurn’ media team who had something to show the Aussie on their phone.

With Pat Perez already tickled by what the account claims is their meme mocking McIlroy, Smith then couldn’t help but see what all the fuss was about. And, after catching a glimpse of the photo, The Open champion then produced this priceless reaction…

Clearly amused by the whole thing, Smith’s reaction now begs the question as to what was so funny? Well, it didn’t take long for us to soon found out after ‘DrunkByTheTurn’ exposed the McIlroy meme…



The incident comes just one day after McIlroy hit out at LIV once again in what has been a long line of verbal attacks against Greg Norman’s league.

While the Northern Irishman has continued to gain support for taking a lead role in the PGA Tour vs LIV Golf war, it now appears not everyone is taking too kindly to his frequent speaking out against the breakaway league.

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