We got our hands on a pair of Callaway's Tour Series Adapt golf shoes to see how they perform on the course

Callaway are pushing comfort strongly in their Tour Series Adapt golf shoe – stressing their flexibility from different surfaces and a trademarked foam insole which they say returns energy back to your feet.

Callaway Tour Series Adapt golf shoes review: NCG Summary

Callaway Tour Series Adapt golf shoes review

While they may look on the conventional side, Callaway’s Tour Series Adapt golf shoe boasts some impressive technology under the bonnet.

Ultimately, what do you want a golf shoe to achieve? Comfort must be high on the list and, in that sphere, these shoes excel.


  • Cushioned upper and outsole ensures ultimate comfort.
  • Grip and traction is impressive.
  • Feet remain in position without being locked in.


  • Design may be a bit safe for some. High heel may also rub initially.

Callaway Tour Series Adapt golf shoes

Now: £150
Callaway Tour Series Adapt golf shoe review

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First Impressions

Let’s get the quibble out of the way immediately. They’re not the most inspiring out of the box, though I should point out that other colours are available. The look is clean, and some of you will definitely appreciate that, but the splash of grey and the flecks of red at the front of a predominantly off white shoe only serve to remind me how discoloured they might quickly get in UK conditions.

They wouldn’t leap off the shelf if I was browsing in a shop and the best way I can describe them is ‘safe’. They don’t offend. Neither do they grab your attention.

But I’m often reminded not to judge a book by its cover, and I quickly put any initial impressions out of my mind. That’s principally because these are shoes that are hiding an awful lot of tech under the bonnet.

Callaway say the Adapt outsole features the “class leading” Vera-Trax system, which means they should perform just as well on soft and hard surfaces.

And another key feature is also the Crush-Foam midsole, which the firm claim produces “shock absorption and energy return properties which means no more tired feet”.

You’ll happily trade style for substance if that means more comfort out on the course.

Callaway Tour Series Adapt golf shoes review

On Course Testing

I put the Callaway Tour Series Adapt golf shoes through their paces in a round at Alwoodley and there was a minor hiccup the moment they left my car when I realised the inner material supporting the arch of your foot had already clicked.

This could have been done in many ways – and may have been down to poor husbandry on my part – but it’s not what you like to see in a new product right out of the box and it left me wondering how durable that fabric will be with repeated use.

That grumble aside, they were comfortable to wear. That was particularly pleasing given I have a wider foot and these were not a specialist fitted model. They’re certainly a shoe to bear in mind for those of you who don’t necessarily strive for an athletic fit but would rattle around too much in a bigger fitting.

The heel was quite high and it initially dug into the soft issue in my ankle, which promoted some fears that it would rub. That rigidity became much more flexible as the holes passed and I’m confident it won’t impact during future rounds.

The upper and the area around the tongue was incredibly soft. You also expect your soles to be cushioned in a modern golf shoe with an effective outsole but, if you’ll allow me a simile, the Callaway Tour Series Adapt golf shoe felt like my entire foot was encased in a soft, padded, balloon.

While it all looks pretty sturdy from the exterior, it’s flexible enough to move along with your foot, which means a four hour six-mile walk around one of Yorkshire’s finest golf courses was childs play. Not only were there no sore feet, but I could probably have gone round for another lap.

Moving from path to grass was impressive. Sometimes I can feel like I’m walking on stilts – even with a spikeless model – on a hard path before veritably sinking when returning to a fairway. That’s especially the case if conditions aren’t great.

But the grip is great, both when you’re striding along and also when you need to plant your feet during a swing. These shoes absorb impact fabulously well.

It’s a cliché to claim you glide, but I’d say the difference is akin to riding a car with good suspension as opposed to one that buffets you about the road.

They keep your feet snug and in position, while providing enough wriggle room to make swinging a club a seamless experience.

Callaway Tour Series Adapt golf shoes review

The 19th hole

You’re unlikely to escape attention if you try and keep these on in the clubhouse – they are as ‘golf shoe’ as the name would suggest. And if you find these on your feet this season, I’d suggest you’re paying for comfort as much as to be eye-catching.

But if that’s the case, you are going to be royally rewarded. Walking and hitting shots is easy in the Callaway Tour Series Adapt golf shoes and you’ll finish up on 18 more than ready to go again. Tiredness and achy feet will be a thing of the past, and the flex, structure, and sole give every indication of being long lasting.

Fit: True to Size/Small/Large/Wide/Narrow
Style: Athletic/Traditional/Off Course Friendly/All Weather/Casual
Out of Box Comfort: 8/10
Stability: 8/10
Value for Money: 8/10

The Details

Available: Now
RRP: £149
Sizes: UK 6.5-13
Colours: White/Grey, Black/White, White/Navy.
More info: Callaway website

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