We’re coming into launch season which means the two biggest driver brands in golf have started to tease the release of their latest products.

We’ve seen images of two new Callaway drivers appear on the USGA conforming list.

The launch has also been teased on social media.

We have no idea what they are going to be called but from the pictures it looks like there will be a regular Callaway Epic Flash and an Epic Flash Sub Zero.


Both new Callaway models appear to have a sliding weight rail to help dial in particular shot shapes.


And without speculating too much, the Sub Zero model seems to have additional weight nearer to the face which has traditionally been to promote lower spin.

And they both appear to have Callaway’s Jailbreak technology which we first saw in the original Epic launch.

If these drivers are what we think they are then it represents an interesting move from Callaway.

The Epic franchise has been one of the most successful in the brand’s history. The Epic driver was the number one model all over the world in 2017.

When they launched the Rogue models at the start of 2018 they were to run alongside the Epic drivers rather than replacing them.

Best golf drivers 2018

The Rogue models did not have sliding weights. There was a regular, sub zero, and draw-biased models to give players options.

So maybe we are seeing a continuation of that theme where the Callaway Epic Flash drivers allow golfers to have more of a ‘high fidelity’ fitting and get really dialled in.

Whereas with the Rogue you get to keep it a bit simpler by finding the head that works for you.

Anyway, enough speculation, we’ll be going out to Callaway HQ in California later this month to get the full lowdown on the Callaway Epic Flash and bring you all the details after the embargo lifts in the new year.

TaylorMade ScrewFace drivers?

So was it just a coincidence that TaylorMade released some teaser material on their new product on the same day?

Maybe, but probably not.

Say what you want about TaylorMade – they are a marketing company, they release too much product, they over-hype the technology. I don’t care.

They get people talking, they create buzz around their products, and they consistently make drivers and fairway woods which perform unbelievably well.

When free agents like Brooks Koepka, Francesco Molinari, Tommy Fleetwood and Paul Casey are using their woods out of choice, you have to respect that.

So what’s coming next?

TaylorMade Screwface

Well from their teaser video it looks like there will be screws in the face.

Historically, the phrase “right out of the screws” was a good thing but seeing where these screws are positioned I’m not sure that’s quite where you want to be making impact.

We’ve actually just got back from a launch event at TaylorMade’s HQ, also in California, where we learned all the details.

Again, we’ll have to keep that to ourselves until the new year.

Either way, we’re really excited to bring you full reviews on the drivers from both brands. Stay tuned.