Bushnell have introduced the Tour V4 laser rangefinder which comes with or without slope-adjustment technology.

The Tour V4 builds on the successes of the Tour V3 and Tour X lasers with a smaller, sleeker design.

Wheres the Tour X had the capability to add slope adjustment and remove it using a cap on the front of the lens – the Tour V4 comes in two versions.

The Tour V4 Slope Edition is legal for use in amateur competition play as it has the ability to turn off the slope function.

V4 Laser laser rangefinder

Officials have to rely on the honesty of the player that the slope function has been disabled.

Alternatively, opt for the standard Tour V4 model. Both are 30 percent smaller than the compact V3. They’re considerably smaller than the Tour X.

The Tour V4 laser rangefinder models have a faster processor which helps you zap the pin quicker than before and have Jolt technology to let you know when the target has been locked on to.

Tour V4 laser rangefinder

It vibrates twice when you’ve zapped the pin.

It’s one feature which sets Bushnell apart in the laser rangefinder game as not only does it let you know you’ve locked onto the right target – it gives an added premium feel to the product.

“Our Slope technology is trusted by Professionals across the world, and we wanted to continue this with the Tour V4 laser rangefinder models,” said Scott Peterson, senior product manager at Bushnell.

“In the past, amateurs have been reluctant to purchase rangefinders with Slope Technology as it was illegal to use them in tournaments.

“However, with the new R&A and USGA rule change, we were able to introduce the ability for golfers to turn the slope mode off as required, which we expect to open the product’s appeal out to a much wider audience.”

SRP: £269 for the Tour V4 and £309 for the Tour V4 Slope.

For more information visit the Bushnell website HERE

Tour V4 laser rangefinder features

  • PinSeeker with JOLT Technology to confirm the laser has zeroed in on the flag
  • Accurate to within one yard/metre
  • Five to 1,000-yard/900 meters range performance (400 yards/360 meters to a flag)
  • 5x magnification (objects appear 5x closer)
  • New ergonomic design
  • 30% smaller than Tour v3
  • Fast focus system
  • Rain proof
  • New premium carry case and three-volt battery included
  • Two-year warranty


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