Bryson DeChambeau, among others, are already putting new gear in their bags for the new PGA Tour season

A new season can only mean one thing – new equipment. More players are getting the new season underway, so let’s take a look in their bags…

Phil Mickelson is one of a number of players to put a new StrokeLab prototype putter into play at the Shriners Open. The model is a super high MOI design and is drastically different in shape to what Mickelson usually games.

New Equipment

It is clearly working as Mickelson shot an opening round 65 which included gaining 0.503 strokes on the greens.

This is not the only new equipment in Mickelson’s bag. He has also added a new Callaway Epic Flash iron for his first event of the season.

New equipment

Bryson DeChambeau is another player who has been tweaking his equipment this week opting to put new shafts in his clubs.

“[I’ve] changed all my shafts to graphite LAGP graphite shafts,” the Cobra player said. “So far working really, really, really well.

“It’s pretty cool to see the consistent ball spin rates in wet and dry conditions. The ability to control the ball flight in the air is on a different level. It’s not moving as much. It’s more stable in flight.”

Bryson DeChambeau

“I just feel like all in all there are a couple things. I’ve got a new ball in, new shafts in. Albeit I have got a lot of new things in the bag, I feel like I’ve been using them for a while now already, which is kind of cool.”

All of his clubs, with the exception of his putter, now feature the new carbon-fibre shafts which are designed to control launch angle and spin rate more effectively. The shafts are called rebar and are designed to be super stiff as well as having lower torque, different balance point and a modified flex profile.

So what are the advantages of playing graphite over steel? The steps in a steel shaft actually cause more vibration to be created at impact which impacts on feel and also can affect you control. Graphite shafts are also lighter than steel but still have the ability to be very stiff, this means you can gain yards without losing accuracy.

So there you go. Who else fancies making the move to graphite?

Adidas unveil new Frostguard range

Frostguard is a new layering collection for both men and women designed to keep golfers playing throughout the colder months of the year.

Frostguard is built specifically to perform in the toughest of conditions. It provides warmth without sacrificing mobility in the swing, down-filled panels on the front and back body of the jacket and vest keep players warm where it matters most.

The jackets are available now and will set you back £129.95 (men’s) or £109.95 (women’s). Find out more on the Adidas website.

Pro-only golf pride putting grips

Golf Pride grips have introduced their all new, pro only putter grip series. The grips have been refined, with proprietary tuned rubber material, to deliver the highest degree of responsiveness and feel performance. The range features three distinct tour shapes.

Red Star: Modernised horseshoe shape with an arched paddle front for thumb placement. Utilises a slight pistol kick in the back for hand heel pad placement. 72 cc size and 74.5g weight.

Blue Star: Angled profile with a wide, flat paddle front for thumb placement. Angled back shape for comfortable finger positioning. 81 cc size and 82g weight.

Green Star: Oval shape with an arched paddle front for thumb placement. Slight upper hand flared back for optimum finger comfort and hand positioning. 88 cc size and 86.5g weight.

“Many people find it surprising that 70% of the top 30 putters on tour prefer a smaller size putter grip,” says Golf Pride’s product manager Bruce Miller. “They prefer it because it allows them to gain greater feel, feedback and control.”

The grips are available now and will set you back £17 each. For more visit the Golf Pride website.

Fancy a new golf bag for winter?

Sun Mountain have introduced numerous new products for the 2020 season including a range of waterproof stand and trolley bags.

The range features numerous styles and shapes as well as different amounts of storage so everyone can find the right bag for their needs.

New equipment

The bags are available to pre-order now with prices starting at £209. Visit the Sun Mountain website for more.

Big Max have also launched a bag line up for 2019-20. The range features four new bags with different levels of technology, capacity and prices providing a winter bag for every golfer.

New equipment

The bags are available to buy now with prices starting at £54.99. You’ll find more on the Big Max website.

Superstroke team up with Arccos

new equipment

The new SuperStroke Putter Grip Accessory  allows for the seamless integration of an Arccos Caddie Putter Sensor into all SuperStroke CounterCore and Traxion putter grips with a Tech-Port. From there you can track all your putting stats on the Arccos app.

The accessory is available now and can be yours for just £19.99. You guessed it, there’s more on the Arccos website.

So that’s this week’s equipment lowdown. If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments below or you can tweet me.