Which wedges work best from a tight lie?

In the third instalment of our short game secrets with Bob Vokey we take a look at tight lies and what wedges and bounces would work best for you around the greens.

Bob Vokey is a master craftsman who has been designing and making wedges for Titleist for over 30 years.

When it comes to talking about wedges, there’s no one better to seek advice from.

What kind of wedge should I be using when faced with a tight lie?

Bob tends to favour something with a little less bounce but it’s completely down to the individuals swing and preference.

Equipment Editor James Savage has spent quite a bit of time with Bob over the last few years and because of that Bob thought that James would be better off with something with a little more bounce.

He started with the mid bounce S grind.

What about course conditions?

Course conditions will also play a part in club selection. On this particular day the course was really wet so Bob wanted to give James something with a little more bounce so it would go through the turf easier.

He tried out the  54 degree F grind. A bit more turf was taken but that’s ok according to Bob. That’s exactly what the higher bounce is designed for.

In conclusion you are probably looking at something with a little bit lower bounce if you are playing off a tight lie. However, if the conditions are wet and you need something that will go through the turf with ease, a more mid to high bounce club would probably suit you a little better.