In the fourth of our short game secrets video series with Bob Vokey we look at how you can generate spin

In the fourth instalment of our short game secrets with Bob Vokey we take a look at how you can create spin with your wedges.

Bob Vokey is a master craftsman who has been designing and making wedges for Titleist for over 30 years.

When it comes to talking about wedges, there’s no one better to seek advice from.

So how do you get that spin from a wedge that you see the tour pros do with such ease on a regular basis?

Bob told James Savage a few key points on how to generate the spin you are looking for.

Playing with the right ball is key. Using a soft premium ball is essential and that point is backed up by Soren Kjeldsen in this video.

It’s also important to add a bit more wrist action and have the confidence to come through the ball quickly with a bit more zip.

Bob says not to get the hands too far forwards.

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