Blog: How tight is Gleneagles security for the Ryder Cup?

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Ever wondered what the security is like in the build-up to a Ryder Cup? Guest blogger James Durbin found out just how tight it is on a recent visit to Gleneagles.

Since the PGA Centenary course closed in preparation for The 2014 Ryder cup, security has been extremely tight to ensure the course is protected and untouched before the matches start on September 26.

While much of the security and crowd control will be taken care of by the police, Scottish security company SecuriGroup will also be on hand with over 700 staff to ensure that the event is safe and secure. 

The entrance to the road leading to the course is completely shut off, barricaded with steel barriers to ensure no vehicles can access the course. 

There are security guards monitoring this entrance 24 hours a day and anyone that does go past this point may only do so with an authorised badge. 

The course however does have many areas which cannot be blocked off with barriers and does leave the course open for people to walk onto. 

But this is prevented by security driving around the course in buggies 24/7 to ensure no one steps foot on the course. 

If anyone is found on the course security will have them swiftly removed – I witnessed this myself when one of the grandstand workmen was walking down the fairway and was quickly removed. 
As you would expect, the security in place for the Ryder Cup is extremely tight, not just to protect the course but also the players With the golf course being spread out over such a large area, it is a tough job for the security staff in buggies to have eyes on every hole at all times. 

So to ensure the whole course can be monitored, security cameras have been strategically placed at points around the course for constant surveillance.

Security measures for the Ryder Cup really kick in when the event itself starts. 

As you would expect, the security in place for the Ryder Cup is extremely tight, not just to protect the course but also the players. 

Three quarters of the hotel will be shut off to the public and only available to players, caddies and all other members of the teams’ entourages. 

There will be no other guests allowed into this area of the hotel or any of the restaurants and bars and areas such as the spa and leisure facilities will be limited to the players only at certain times.  

However, many do see these security precautions as almost too extreme, with some locals dreading the event due to the road closures and access limitations.

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