Big Max are one of Europe’s leading trolley brands and have had similar levels of success with their waterproof Aqua range of bags.

They have now added three new cart bags bags and two new stand bags to the line.

All the bags are completely waterproof with sealed seams and water-tight zips. They are also incredibly light with plenty of style.

New Big Max Aqua range of bags

The Tour, Sport and Drive cart bags all have 14-club dividers and are capable of housing large and over-sized putter grips.

The Tour (SRP: £219) is the largest of all of the new cart bag designs with eight pockets, the Drive (SRP: £189.99) is aimed at the electric golf trolley market with special battery pocket amongst its eight pockets.

The Sport (SRP £199.99) features bright coloured zippers and matching, modern heat-transfer logo treatments.

If your after a lightweight stand bag then the Aqua 8 (SRP: £189.99) comes in at just 2kg. A new air channel has been added through the back for increased comfort.

To go smaller and lighter still then check out the Aqua 6 (SRP: £124.99). Weighing in at 1.7kg this is the ideal choice for a short course or an informal round.

Big Max are also offering customisation on its entire bag range so you can have your name added to the handle of your bag for just £7.00.

For more information visit the Big Max website