Video: Will Wilcox Best and Worst

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Best things about being a Pro?

I love seeing new places, the travel, in my opinion I love travelling. I get to travel all around the world and to do what I love to do for a living is really fulfilling, and getting to meet new people and try new things is great.

Worst thing about being a Pro?

Playing bad! because you pour your whole life into it and when you have bad weeks, but it always turn around for you. But definitely the defeats, missing cuts, things like that.

Best playing partner?

I like people that are fairly talkative, I don’t like it to be too stuffy out there. I love playing with someone like a Jerry Kelly people like that who have a personality. So yeah, anyone really who is going to be able to talk about sports, girls, nothing to serious.

Worst playing partner?

The opposite, people that when I play with them for the first time and the first time they say something is like on number eight. It’s normally some veteran who just doesn’t care who you are but I always feel like we have some common ground so let’s just chat it up.

What’s your best shot?

I like the low ball, hitting the low ball off the tee is something not a lot of people can do so when it’s windy I like to hit that shot because it turns heads and not everybody can hit it. Everyone seems envious of it, so maybe next year bud!

What’s your worst shot?

I generally drive the ball pretty well, my bunker play is a bit spotty, chipping I like. But I would say my bunker play frustrates me the most because everyone else is so good at it.

What’s the best course in the world?

I mean Pebble view wise, Pebble Beach I’ve got to say but I love St Andrews but I think that’s pretty standard. I love Spyglass too, it’s hard to narrow down to one.

What’s the worst rule in golf?

I’d say not being able to tap down spike marks. It’s just such a sensitive subject, not that I’ve ever done it but I know someone in Europe done it and they were shunned, so it’s such an intense rule and I know in most gambling games at home everyone is tapping down spike marks so it’s something you have to detach yourself from because when you get on Tour that’s some serious stuff.

Who has the best hair on Tour?

Adam Hadwin used to have some locks growing out, I think Darren Stiles hair is pretty sick, he has the visor and the hair flows over the visor which is a cool look.

Who has the worst hair?

I don’t know, some people just don’t have any he=air which is a bit of a shock. Like a Bill Haas, that was a bit of a shock just because he looks so young and when he takes his hat off you can tell he hasn’t had hair for a very long time!

Who’s the funniest on Tour?

Boo Weekley, Boo is funny, he likes singing during the practice rounds and good at talking to the fans and stuff. He’s just a country boy so it’s pretty funny to watch him milk that whole thing.

And the least fun on Tour?

I don’t know, saying something negative about someone on camera is probably not a great idea. But Patrick Reed is pretty stuffy, not that I ever see him trying to be funny but he’s kind of a hard guy to get to know.

Your best career performance?

Well 2nd in Auburn last year where I had a chance to win was pretty big, but I shot 59 on the Web, so the 59 is probably something I’ll be remembered for.

And finally… your worst performance?

I shot 78 in the first round at Torrey Pines, I haven’t had too many high rounds but that round at Torrey was my fourth event on Tour and I just remember being like a deer in headlights and just being like get me out of here!