The 2009 Irish Open winner, Shane Lowry, gives us his ‘Best & Worst’ of the European Tour.

What’s the best part of being a Tour Pro?

“Playing in front of the big crowds and competing against the best players.”

Worst part of of being a Tour Pro?

“Travelling and sitting in airports!”

What’s your best shot?

“Just aim down the middle and hit it hard!”

What’s your worst shot?

“No, I’m pretty confident. There isn’t a shot I don’t fancy.”

Who’s the best playing partner?

“I’m good friends with Richard Finch and I enjoy his company.

“He’s a great laugh. No matter how we’re going we tend to have a good laugh out there.”

Worst playing partner?

“No. None that I can say on camera!”

Best course on Tour?


“I love playing there and the whole tournament.”

Best hair on Tour?

“Robert Rock without a doubt!”

Worst hair on Tour?

“Stormy [Graeme Storm]! He doesn’t have any!”

Most generous player on Tour?

“I tend to have a lot of dinners with G-Mac.

“I’d say we’re both similar! I’m fairly generous myself!”

Who’s the tightest on Tour?

“Oh god I can’t be saying stuff like that on camera!

“Sorry lads I’m going to sit on the fence there!”

Funniest player on Tour?

“Finchy [Richard Finch].”

Least funny player on Tour?

“Dave Horsey.

“Chris Wood’s always giving him stick for it!”

Worst career performance?

“I’ve plenty of shockers unfortunately!

“I shot 81 when I just came back from injury. So that was probably one of the worst.”

Best career performance?

“Portugese Masters.

“Feeling the heat coming down the stretch there, but it was nice to get the win!”