Former World Number One Amateur and Tour rookie – Matt Fitzpatrick took time out to give us the ‘Best & Worst’ of his relatively short time as a professional golfer.

The Sheffield native won a host of honours at Amateur level, including the 2013 US Amateur and the Silver medal at the 2013 Open, along with the Mark H. McCormack medal in 2013.

With his British Masters win at Woburn, Fitzpatrick was the youngest wire-to-wire winner on the European Tour this season – with an estimated 57,000 fans turning out over the four days to see the 21-year old take his first professional title.

Despite having only recently turning professional and with one win on the board, we asked the newbie what he thought of life on the European Tour…

Best part of being a professional golfer?

“The travel and to be able to meet some of the best players in the world.”

Worst part of being a professional golfer?

“The travel is pretty tough, I don’t really mind it but it’s not easy.

“It’s a mixed bag.”

What’s your best shot?

“Low one!

“Back foot 3-iron. It’s a shot we use quite a lot!”

What’s your worst shot?

“I wouldn’t say I’m least comfortable with anything.

“I’d like to think I can play any shot!

“But obviously some shots are better than others!”

Best playing partner?

“I get on well with a lot of guys – my good friend is Matt Nixon.

“I play with him quite a bit – so probably Matt.”

Worst playing partner?

“I don’t think I’ve been on Tour long enough to answer that one yet!”

Funniest playing on Tour?

“I was trying to think of this earlier, but I can’t actually think of anyone!

“James Morrison’s quite funny!”

Least funny Tour player?

“Not that I know of – maybe I’ve not met them yet!”

Best/Worst hair?

“Robert Rock’s cut his hair so it can’t say him any more!

“Everyone wears a cap so I can’t really tell!”

Worst career performance?

“Probably Scotland last year – where I missed the cut and had an awful back nine.

“It was really tough.

“I just lost my head a little bit.”

Best career performance?

“Winning the US Amateur.

“Everything clicked, the course suited me. It was really tight off the tee that week and my short game was pretty good as well.

“It was great.”