Lee Westwood has won a lot of tournaments. 42 to be precise.

But enough of that for a while, we want to know who has the best hair on Tour? Or who his favourite playing partner is?

We grill the European and PGA Tour winner on what are the best and worst parts of being a professional golfer.

What’s the best part of being a Tour Pro?

“There’s a lot of good things.

“Playing the best golf courses;

“Making a lot of money;

“Travelling the world.”

Worst part of of being a Tour Pro?

“Packing a suitcase.

“I hate packing.”

What’s your best shot?

“I’d guess a hard fade.”

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What’s your worst shot?

“Well if you get that one wrong [hard fade] and you double cross yourself, then you’re going in the left crap!”

Who’s the best playing partner?

“I enjoy playing with Darren.”

Worst playing partner?

“Anybody slow!”

Best course on Tour?


Worst rule in golf?

“If a bunker’s full of water and your ball goes in it, and there’s nowhere to drop. Then you’ve got to drop under penalty.

“It should be a free drop.”

Best hair on Tour?

“Victor Dubuisson.

“He’s got beautiful hair.”

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Worst hair on Tour?

“There’s a few without any!

“Jim Furyk. Not a lot of grass on that street.

“Stewart Cink….there’s a few that are follically challenged!”

Most generous player on Tour?

“I think most golf pros are quite generous.”

Who’s the tightest on Tour?

“There’s a few Yorkshiremen there. So probably one of them!…

“…I won’t name names!”

Funniest player on Tour?

“I dunno…”

Least funny player on Tour?

“I don’t think you survive on Tour without any banter.

“I can’t think of many.”

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Worst career performance?
“I had a few poor performances when I went through a bit of a slump about 13 years ago

“There were a few below average performances there!”

Best career performance?

“Dubai in 2009.

“Last round 64 to win by 6.”