We get the Best & Worst of the European Tour from Ryder Cup winner Jamie Donaldson.

The Welshman’s exploits at Gleneagles 15th hole were awarded with the unveiling of a plaque from the exact spot where he made his amazing shot in the Ryder Cup.

What’s the best part of being a professional?
“Playing a game that you love to play and getting paid to do it.”

Worst part of of being a professional?
“Playing a game that you love to play and missing the cut…

“No. The worst thing is probably the travel and being away from your family.”

What’s your best shot?

“It’d have to be the fat pushed wedge at the Ryder Cup at 15.”

What’s your worst shot?
“I don’t remember bad shots [points finger]”

Who’s the best playing partner?

“I like playing with Robert Rock. He’s a good lad.

“Simon Dyson is a good lad. They’re my pals so I like playing with them.”

Worst playing partner?
“Somebody that’s really slow does my head in! But nobody in particular.

Best course on Tour?


Worst rule in golf?
“If you win a tournament and you forget to sign your scorecard, and then you get disqualified.”

Best hair on Tour? Is it Robert Rock?
“Without question! It’s like a wig! It’s that perfect.

“I’m very jealous of his barnet.”

Worst hair on Tour?
“Dave Horsey’s got some dodgy barnets actually and Tommy Fleetwood needs a good haircut.”

Most generous player on Tour?
[Thinks about it for a minute]

Who’s the tightest on Tour?
“Dyson’s the tightest by a country mile – between Dyson and Lynnie! [David Lynn]

“Every penny they’ve earnt is out of circulation like the Royal Mint!.”

Funniest player on Tour?
“Dave Lynn has his moments. He’s pretty funny.”

Least funny player on Tour?
“Dave Horsey. He’s had some shockers but I won’t go into that!”

Worst career performance?
“It would probably have to be on a football pitch!”

Best career performance?
“Ryder Cup or the Irish Open.”