Andy Sullivan, European Tour winner – as recently as the Joburg Open – gives us his ‘Best & Worst’ of professional golf.

What’s the best part of being a Tour Pro?
“It’s what I’ve wanted to do my whole life. We get to travel the world and see loads of different cultures.”

Worst part of of being a Tour Pro?
“Probably the traveling. Waiting about 10 hours of your life in airports.”

What’s your best shot?
“Left to right. Little fade. 10 yard lemonade”

What’s your worst shot?

“Shank! Not frequently but there’s been times!”

Who’s the best playing partner?
“I like playing with the better players. So Rory. When I played with Rory [McIlroy] and Martin [Kaymer] in Dubai, it seemed to just bring out the best in me and my game.”

Worst playing partner?
“Someone that’s pretty slow like Nicolas Fasth…”

Best course on Tour?
“Leopard Creek, South Africa. It’s just an absolute gem. The wildlife around the course is just magnificent.”

Worst rule in golf?
“Mud on the ball when there’s no placing for me, and you can’t do anything about that. Or when there’s an impediment in their line when your off the green, like on the fringe of the green is annoying.”

Best hair on Tour?
“Rocky [Robert Rock].”

Worst hair on Tour?
“Probably me, with my receding hairline.”

Most generous player on Tour?
“For me probably [Lee] Westwood. He’s gives me a lot of time.”

Who’s the tightest on Tour?
“Webby by a mile – Steve Webster. By a mile!”

Funniest player on Tour?
“Paul Waring for me. When we play together we just have an absolute ball.”

Least funny player on Tour?
“Matt Baldwin! Just got no chirp!”

Worst career performance?
“Probably my first tournament out on Tour. I think I was two off the lead at one point and just missed the cut by about three. So that’s probably one of the worst performances I put in.”

Best career performance?
“Probably my fourth in Dubai this year. Playing alongside Rory and Martin those two rounds. I was just happy with the way I handled myself and the way the whole week went.”