The best of the best! We roundup the best waterproof golf shoes in 2023

This year the NCG team have rigorously tested thirty-one different pairs of newly released shoes from eleven of golf’s most notable brands to put together our list of the best golf shoes that you can buy in 2023.

We’ve worn them in the sun, in the rain, in the sleet, on our home courses, on away courses, in the fairway, in the sand, in the rough, and sadly even in the heather to be able to create honest reviews you the club golfer can actually trust.

We’ve scoured through all the press releases and know all the technology, and left no stone unturned to be able to assemble our list of the best golf shoes 2023.

Best Waterproof Golf Shoes 2023

Ecco M Golf Biom G5 golf shoes

4.5 star review

Reviewed by Jonathan Taylor

Out of the box, this shoe had a high-quality, athletic & sporty look. There is an embossed performance leather upper with a mesh tongue which gives a modern and smart look.

I tested the boa version which comes at a £20 premium over the laced model. The boa comes in three colours; steel/black (tested here) white/black and white/regatta. I rather like the flashes of turquoise on the tongue and heel loop which offered some visual interest. I’m less sure about the boa button on the outer aspect of the shoe; I feel that it detracts from the overall appearance. There is very little in the way of branding; just some subtle wording, which I think is a good thing.

Testing was carried out over two rounds in cold and dry conditions on my home heathland course. As you would expect from Ecco, the G5 was extremely comfortable straight out of the box. Although I’m not wild about the appearance of the boa, it really did give a close fit. And there is a whole load of hidden technology which combines to offer comfort, stability and rotational support.

Testing was not carried out in the wet but I am confident that these shoes will be waterproof and breathable thanks to the Gore-Tex construction. A twelve month waterproof guarantee is offered.


  • Very comfortable out of the box.
  • Excellent grip and traction.
  • Premium looks.


  • A bit pricey.

Sizes: Euro 39-47 (UK 6-12.5 approx)
Colours: Steel/black, white/black, white/regatta (Boa). Black/steel, white/blue (laced).
More info: Ecco Website

Under Armour Hovr Drive 2 golf shoes

Under Armour HOVR Drive 2 golf shoe review

Reviewed by Jonathan Taylor

At first glance this shoe looks quietly efficient out of the box. The lightweight microfibre upper has a clean appearance with some interest added in the form of detailing over the inner aspect of the toe box.

This model comes in three colours. I tested the black version, which, to my mind, looks less appealing than the other models but is definitely more appropriate for winter golf in the UK.

Testing was carried out over two rounds in rainy conditions on my home heathland course. I found the shoe to be extremely comfortable straight out of the box. As the name suggests, this shoe benefits from Hovr cushioning technology in the midsole, which was first seen in Under Armour running shoes. Hovr is a proprietary foam wrapped in a compression fabric designed to provide incredible cushioning and shock absorption with a claim of ‘endless energy return’.

The shoe remained waterproof in the rainy conditions thanks to the waterproof and breathable membrane on the inner lining of the shoe. After taking the shoes off, my feet were bone dry and also fresh so there were no issues with breathability.


  • Extremely comfortable.
  • Excellent ankle support and grip.
  • Lightweight.


  • Not the strongest mid-foot support.

Sizes: UK 6-12 (inc. half sizes)
Colours: Black, White, Grey/black.
More information: Under Armour

FootJoy Tour Alpha golf shoes

4 star review
FootJoy Tour Alpha golf shoes review

Reviewed by Jonathan Taylor

This shoe looked smart, technical and perhaps a little aggressive, out of the box, particularly in the black version we tested. If Batman played golf, he would most certainly choose these shoes. They certainly look like they could handle any terrain in any weather. If I were invited to a cross-country golf event in the Himalayas, these would be my shoe choice.

There appeared to be reasonable padding around the heel and collar, although perhaps not as generous as some shoes in the FootJoy range. A loop at the back of the heel, possibly to assist with carrying, looks a bit fussy to me. The Pittards leather upper offers a premium appearance and feel, and, of course, is waterproof.

Testing was carried out in damp conditions over one round on my home heathland course. The shoe certainly felt incredibly stable and supportive.

In the damp conditions and sloping lies the grip remained secure – my feet felt really planted to the ground and I cannot think of a shoe that has offered more grip. These are definitely one of the most stable shoes on the market.


  • First class grip and stability
  • Loads of ‘tech’
  • Premium leather upper


  • May need to go down a size
  • Quite a heavy shoe

Sizes: UK 6-12 (half size up to 11)
Colours: White, Black, White/Grey/Blue.
More info: FootJoy Website

Puma Ignite Elevate golf shoes

5 star review

Reviewed by Jack Blackhouse

I’ve been looking for a pair of golf shoes that a suitable for teaching in, playing in, practising in, walking the dog in, and going to the pub in, and I think I may have found them. The Puma Ignite Elevate shoes look and feel just like sports shoes, and straight away, I love the way they feel on my feet.

Unboxing them, these shoes straight away offer superior step-in comfort, eliminating the need to break shoes in, which feels so last decade now. The ignite foam offers a snug feel and cushion when walking and feels springy in the swing when pushing off your right side into the ball.

I received a black pair of Ignite Elevate shoes with a black Puma-engineered mesh upper and saddle. I really like how the grey logo and ‘sock’ design add some style and stop them from being just another bog-standard pair of black golf shoes.

I’ve worn these shoes in the dry and the rain and even walked through some puddles in them, and I have full confidence in their waterproof resistance, with my feet not getting damp once.


  • Ridiculously comfy
  • Smart in all colour options
  • Traction is very good for a spikeless shoe


  • Fabric tongue and ankle area are tough to clean

Sizes: UK 7-12 (inc. half sizes)
Colours: white/silver or black/silver shade/silver.
More information: PUMA

FootJoy ProSL golf shoe

4 star review
FootJoy Pro SL golf shoes review

Reviewed by Jonathan Taylor

The first thing I noticed on opening the box was the leather upper which felt really soft and supple. The overall appearance was of an athletic-looking shoe with a quality feel. It also felt very light. Indeed, on getting out the kitchen scales, this size 7.5 shoe weighed in at a lean 360 grams which is very much at the lighter end of the spectrum.

I’ve already mentioned the leather upper which is constructed from Pittards leather and comes with a one year waterproof guarantee.

There is a decent amount of padding around the collar and tongue of the shoe, and a look at the sole revealed 180 (I counted) rubber lugs making up the soft spikes. This is apparently an increase of 30% from the last model so as to enhance traction.

The 180 rubber lugs or ‘stabilisation points’ as FootJoy calls them, allied to the perimeter weighting of the proprietary outsole with 17% more surface area in the heel, all make this a very grippy shoe. You almost forget that this is a spikeless model, such is the on-course performance. There was no sense of instability or slipping even when swinging hard on uneven surfaces.

So this is another quality product from FootJoy that will have wide appeal; from young to old, from casual golfer to tour pro. I think that this is a well-constructed and comfortable shoe that performs well and comes in at a reasonable price point, considering the premium construction.


  • Premium leather upper.
  • Comfortable.
  • Performs well on & off course.


  • The Pro SL carbon is better.

Sizes: UK 6 -14 depending on colour choice ( half sizes upto 11).
Colours: White/grey, White/navy, Black/charcoal, Grey.
More info: FootJoy UK

Callaway Apex Coronado S golf shoes 

4 star review
Callaway Apex Coronado S golf shoes review

Reviewed by Jonathan Taylor

This model comes in two colours; black and white. I tested the black version, which looks less appealing than the white model but is definitely more appropriate for winter golf in the UK.

The upper is a smart full-grain leather which feels soft and flexible. I personally didn’t feel the appearance was enhanced by the Callaway ‘V’ on the inner and outer aspects of the shoe. The Camo heel piece felt reassuringly firm, and the lovely soft padding to the shoe’s interior made these extremely comfortable. Although this has a traditional spiked construction, it feels incredibly light on.

Testing was carried out over two rounds in damp conditions on my home heathland course. I found the shoe to be extremely comfortable straight out of the box. The leather upper felt supportive but flexed nicely in play. There was a springy, cushioned feeling walking between shots.

The shoe remained waterproof in the damp, but not wet conditions thanks to the waterproof and breathable membrane laminated to the lining of the shoe all the way up to the collar and tongue.

There were no issues with breathability which is not surprising, given the thought that has clearly gone into the construction of this shoe.


  • Extremely comfortable out of the box.
  • Excellent traction.
  • Lightweight.


  • Looks won’t appeal to all

Sizes: UK 6.5-11 (inc. half sizes). 12 and 13
Colours: Black/camo or White/camo.
More info: Callaway Golf

Best Waterproof Golf Shoes 2023

How do we test golf shoes?

At National Club Golfer, we are passionate about producing accurate and thorough reviews and making sure our testing process is rigorous so we get a good understanding of how each pair of shoes performs.

Each shoe is worn out on the golf course whilst playing golf, so we can get an idea of overall performance in terms of factors like comfort, grip, stability in the golf swing, waterproof protection and how they actually look on the golf course.

What is important when buying Golf shoes?

When buying new golf footwear its important to know what attributes or features you value the most before deciding on a brand or model to buy. For example, do you want spiked or spikeless shoes?

A lot of golfers think comfort is paramount when choosing a shoe, we are going to be standing in them for 3-5 hours right? Some golf shoes on the market have special insoles and cushioned mid-soles designed to keep your feet feeling fresh. Also it’s pretty common for golfers with wide feet to wear the wrong sized pair of golf shoes so its worth getting fit properly.

Grip is vital to good performance on the golf course as any foot slip in dry or wet conditions can not only cause the golf club to swing improperly but may also lead to an injury.

Nearly all golf shoes will either be fully waterproof or offer some kind of water resistance, and this is important as real die-hard golfers play in every weather condition. Having wet feet for 4 hours is not and will never be fun.

How good the shoe looks is of course subjective to personal style, but is important to any player. Do you prefer an athletic-looking shoe, or are you more traditional? Does your shoe offer on-course off-course style or do you want shoes purely for the course? Does the style of shoe you like have the best colour options for your golfing wardrobe?

Price is the last factor to consider. With the models above we have tried to find shoes at all different price points so if you want a shoe at a lower cost, you can get one. Or if you want to spend more, you can do that too. Importantly there is something for everyone.

spikeless golf shoes

What brands produce the best golf shoes?

All of the products in this best waterproof golf shoes 2023 article are picked from the brands that offer what we believe to be the best shoes on the market.

Do any pros wear spikeless golf shoes on tour?

As you will see on TV when watching the PGA, LPGA & DP World Tour, professionals wear both spiked and spikeless golf shoes, depending on their preference.

Some tour players are looking for extra stability and grip for maximum power creation that a spiked golf shoe might offer, and others are looking for the comfort and style that spikeless golf shoes offer. Some tour players prefer a running shoe style, and others a traditional classic leather shoe; there really isn’t a hard or fast rule as to what tour players wear.

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Jack Backhouse

Jack is a PGA Golf Professional who specialises in coaching. He also loves his golf equipment and getting into the data of the latest clubs on the market. Jack has quickly become a go-to for expertise on a wide range of golf products but specialises in reviewing hardware. If you are looking for some new golf clubs make sure you have checked out his latest driver, fairway wood or iron reviews. He previously worked in wealth management, all of this means that number crunching and launch monitors are his favourite thing in the world. Jack is a member at Sandmoor Golf Club and regularly gets out on the golf course to maintain his scratch handicap.

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