Adrian Rietveld has been TaylorMade's fitter for the PGA Tour stars for many years. He talks us through his favourite gear

Adrian Rietveld is the man in charge on the TaylorMade PGA Tour truck and spends his time fitting equipment for the game’s biggest stars. So who better to ask about what he thinks are the best TaylorMade golf clubs ever made? We made him narrow it down to five…

5. TaylorMade Spider putter

best TaylorMade golf clubs

“I think it was more than 10 years ago we launched this concept of a high MOI spider putter,” Adrian explains. “It’s an awesome piece of equipment and there are so many in play today – and its the same concept as the original.

“To watch that evolve and become the beast it is today in the equipment world, and to watch the other manufacturers try and copy it, is cool to see.”