Ping are renown for producing some of the finest clubs your money can buy. Here are our pick of the best Ping irons for 2023

When it comes to irons, Ping consistently deliver quality irons every year that are incredibly attractive to all levels of golfers.

Mid handicap golfers in particular are drawn to Ping irons because of their user-friendly qualities, but the brand also produce some wonderful top-level Blueprint irons that are used by tour players such as Cameron Champ, Harris English and Tony Finau.

Our equipment editor Hannah Holden got her hands on Ping’s newest irons this year, so if you want the full lowdown on them, we’ve tested them just for you.

Below we take a look at the best forgiving Ping irons, best Ping game improvement irons and best Ping irons for mid handicappers in an attempt to answer a question of what are the best Ping irons of all time.

Best Ping Irons 2023

Ping G430 irons

4.5 star review
Reviewed by Hannah Holden

This club almost looks unrecognisable. Although it has that typical high square-toe Ping shaping, the back of the club head is really different. I love how they have designed the Pwrflex in the back of the club head to give this product a completely new more modern feel.

Over the ball, this is still very typically Ping. It has a big overall shaping, with a decent amount of offset and a thick top line. It is definitely very confidence-inspiring over the golf ball for the higher handicap golfer.

Overall these are some of the most consistent game-improvement irons I have tested this year. Ping has done it again and produced an exceptional game improvement iron that will only aid performance.


  • Extremely consistent irons
  • Easy to launch
  • Controllable


  • Not as long as other models on the marker

Ping G425 irons

Best Callaway Drivers 2022
Reviewed by Jack Backhouse

I am really impressed with how the Ping G425s look. Ping have done a great job in decreasing the size of the head to make these feel more like players’ irons, which is not a feeling you get from a lot of them.

These irons were impressive from the first shot I hit with them. As a blade iron user, I couldn’t believe how nice the feeling they provided at impact was and how easy it was to get the ball up in the air. I’ve not hit a Ping G series iron for a few years, but the G425 iron felt way easier to hit than I could have imagined.

The extreme forgiveness that the Ping G425 irons provide is a combination of a few different tech features included in the design. The head has a tungsten screw and loads of perimeter weighting, which makes the sweet spot huge.


  • High launch
  • Sweetspot feels massive
  • You can order the G245s with ‘power loft’ option if you want more distance


  • Only an incremental jump in tech from the G410

Ping i230 irons

4 star review
Ping i230 irons review
Reviewed by Hannah Holden

I can’t get over how much sleeker these look than the previous i210 irons from Ping. The whole club head looks so much more modern and stylish and I also like the overall more compact shaping.

Before Ping released the new i230 model, they were already racking up wins on tour. Straight away when I started hitting these I loved the soft, yet solid, sound and feel and could see why they have ended up in the bags of numerous tour players. It is quite surprising how players like these feel even with the slightly larger sizing.

Across the board, I had a consistent high ball flight. This was great for stopping the ball on the green but into the wind, it sometimes felt slightly excessive.

Overall this was a seriously enjoyable iron to hit. I found I didn’t want to stop testing as the towering ball flight, with its impressive control, was really fun to hit. For players who crave a club that allows them to use their touch and feel and be creative, this is a great option. But also there is an added level of forgiveness that you wouldn’t expect this type of iron to deliver.


  • Eye-catching to players
  • Good workability
  • Great spin control


  • Not the longest irons

Ping i525 irons

4 star review
Ping i525 irons review
Reviewed by Dan Murphy

As a long-term user of Ping i500 irons, this was the simplest of transmissions. It was like the first game of a new football season when you go and watch your team and everything is reassuringly familiar – and it turns out you have also signed a world-beating winger and a classy midfielder.

The irons look great in the bag, let alone behind the ball, but you know they are also working really hard for you in terms of the tech.

Having carried my i500s for over three years, I felt like I was ready for a change. While these clubs remain a fantastic fit for me on the launch monitor, I was aware that the feel was a touch harsher than I would ideally like. Sure enough, when I went to Ping HQ at Gainsborough for a fitting, the i500s were doing pretty much everything they should but when I switched to the i525 sample, there was an immediate change of sound and a more buttery feel.

If you’re looking for an iron that is aimed at the better player with appealing aesthetics but you also value forgiveness, then it’s hard to look past the i525s.


  • Gorgeous finish and appealing head shape
  • Hot off the face on the longer irons
  • Low-spinning flight that stops your iron shots ballooning in the wind


  • Some players may find the spin rates a little too low to maximise carry

The Best Ping Irons 2023

How do we test irons?

At National Club Golfer we are passionate about producing accurate and thorough reviews and make sure our testing process is rigorous so we get a good understanding of how each club performs.

Each iron is hit with Pro V1 golf balls to allow us to collect launch monitor data with our in-house TrackMan and Flightscope. After this it is time to head out onto the golf course and test the clubs in practice and competition play. We do this across a variety of golf clubs in our base of Yorkshire.

What is important when buying a new iron?

When buying a new set of irons it is important to know what you want from that club to help you improve.

Most people are looking for more distance, each iron model is optimised for different things. Depending on your swing and your impact conditions, you may not actually hit the model that is advertised as the longest, the furthest. So if you want more distance it is always worth giving different models a hit before you make a decision.

For most golfers, especially high handicappers, something that is more forgiving is going to yield the best performance. Most forgiving golf irons have a slightly bigger club head with perimeter weighting for high MOI. They also have a center of gravity that is further back to help players get more height on their shots.

Do you want something that is draw bias? There are so many models out there to help with slice correction, it would be silly not to take a look if you see your ball disappearing into the right trees too often. A closed face and draw bias weighting can get you hitting straighter shots in no time at all.

Don’t forget about the shaft either. Getting the correct shaft can help dial in your spin, launch angle and can also give you some extra distance. Having a club fitting or trying different options with your local pro can really improve the performance of your new driver.

The Best Ping Irons 2023: FAQ’s

What are the latest Ping irons?

The G430 line from Ping is their latest model of irons. These irons have proved to be some of the most consistent game-improvement irons we have tested this year.

What’s different in the latest Ping irons?

Ping are back for 2023 with the replacement to their popular G425 range, the G430, a set of game improvement irons.

Ping G430 irons

Ping has done it again and produced an exceptional game improvement iron that will only aid performance.

The most important thing about game improvement clubs is that they are easy to hit. These definitely tick all the boxes in this area. They are high launching, easy to strike and consistently go in the right direction.

What Ping drivers do the pros use?

Ping staffers tend to favour the brand’s range of blade irons, such as the Ping i230 irons and Ping i525 irons.

This is because elite players don’t require as much forgiveness as mid-to-high handicap players, so the Ping G430 isn’t as useful for these tour pros.

Rest assured, as the year goes on Ping will release new blade irons that will be specifically designed for the best players in the world.

Ben Outhwaite

Marketing Editor

Ben is National Club Golfer's Marketing Editor and the latest addition to our golf equipment review team. He specialises in testing golf bags, beginner golf club sets, apparel and golf accessories. He also collates our buying guides so you know which are the latest and greatest bits of golf equipment on the market. Ben picked up his first golf club when he was five years old – which was in fact a left-handed set of clubs! He is a member at Rudding Park Golf Club and has a handicap of fifteen.

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