The best golf shot-tracking systems for 2017

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Fancy getting involved in the shot-tracking craze? Equipment editor James Savage picks out five of the top devices on the market...

Which are the best golf shot-tracking systems on the market at the moment?

Myself and the team at National Club Golfer have been testing a few out over the past few months so we thought we’d round-up the pros and cons of each device to help you make the right purchase.

Each of these products have also been individually reviewed so click on the images for more in-depth details.

Best golf shot-tracking systems – Game Golf Live

Best golf shot-tracking systems

How does it work?: Tags are placed in the butt of the grip of each of your clubs and a sensor is clipped to your belt.

Tap your club on the sensor before or after each shot and the device will use GPS to track your entire round.

We tested the original Game Golf device, launched in 2014, but it was updated last year to the Game Golf Live model.

The Live version allows you to get real-time automatic shot tracking through Bluetooth connectivity on your mobile device after every shot.

It’s possible to leave your phone back in the club house and sync post-round.

Pros: Fantastic, detailed feedback about your game which can then be compared with other Game Golf users – including tour pros like Graeme McDowell and Jim Furyk – via an interactive online hub.

Former President of the United States of a America Barrack Obama has been seen using the device.

Best golf shot-tracking systems

Cons: The fact you have to wear something quite small on your belt which can fall off during a round. Also you have to remember to tap each club for every shot.

It is possible to edit scores post-round if you do forget to tag.

SRP: £169

More information can be found on the Game Golf website.

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