Hannah Holden has tested 19 (!) of this year's hottest drivers in a number of categories. So which is going in her bag for the new season? Let's find out




Best drivers 2022: The contenders

Ping G425

best drivers 2022

It will be of little surprise that the Ping G425 was one of the most consistent drivers and performed really well in dispersion testing. I really loved the high ball flight it generated but found the spin was slightly too high in the set-up I had for testing.

In my opinion the SFT draw bias offering is the best on the market for straightening out that left to right ball flight and was also really forgiving.

RRP: £450

Callaway Rogue ST

best drivers 2022

Callaway have four driver options for 2022, their biggest line-up to date. The Rogue ST Max, Rogue ST Max D, Rogue ST Max LS and Rogue ST Triple Diamond. The Max LS is a new addition and aims to offer a low spin head with maximum forgiveness. The Triple Diamond is also new to market as it was previously only offered to tour players.

Stability is the name of the game here, Callaway have gone for a larger more stretched shaping in the main Max model and although this looks large to the eye, it packs a punch in terms of performance. This was the second longest driver in the test and also had the second-best dispersion. Very solid. 

RRP: £479

Titleist TSi

best drivers 2022

There are four models in Titleist’s TSi line up. The most popular model among club golfers has been the TSi2, while the TSi1 is more lightweight and perfect for slower swinging golfers. On tour the TSi3 has been extremely popular due to having more weight adjustability options. Finally we have the TSi4 which has the smallest head shape with a forward CG and lower spin.

It was the more compact TSi3 that impressed me here. It was one of the longest drivers in the test and produced my longest carry distance of 241 yards. Distance control on off centre strikes were impressive across both models but it was the TSi2 that was more forgiving overall. 

RRP: £519

TaylorMade Stealth

best drivers 2022

The carbonwood face makes the Stealth drivers impossible to ignore. There have been mixed feelings about the design, but I love the bold look.

Stealth scores very highly in both the looks and feel category and I love the sound you get off the new carbon face. The ball speed was great here which equated to long carry distances but I did found this spun slightly more than the previous SIM2 Max and made my launch angle higher than optimal. 

As you would expect the Stealth+ was the lowest spinning model in the range. It was also the most workable thanks to the sliding weight rail in the sole bringing the centre of gravity forward. This makes it perfect for lower handicappers and faster swinging players.

The Stealth HD had the tightest dispersion in the test and also offered a decent amount of right to left shot shape correction. Definitely one of the most forgiving drivers on the market.

RRP: £449

Cobra LTDx

best drivers 2022

Hands down my favourite Cobra drivers to date. The three models did exactly as they say on the tin. The LTDx LS was the lowest spinning and launching model, the LTDx Max was the most draw bias and most forgiving, and the LTDx sat in the middle of the two.

It was the LTDx LS model that I hit the furthest, averaging 233.7 yards of carry. However, my favourite was the Max model which had a perfect balance of distance and forgiveness and gave me the tightest dispersion in the Cobra line-up. It was slightly draw bias but you could offset this with the adjustable weights in the sole or the adjustable hosel.

RRP: £399

Wilson Launch Pad

best drivers 2022

Quite possibly the easiest driver to flight on the market. Shot after shot this provided easy launch, height, and distance. 

Although the ease of use was impressive it didn’t quite keep up with some of the other models in terms of distance. But I don’t really think that is what this club is designed for.

Overall this is perfect for high handicap golfers who are looking to get extra launch, hitting the ball higher and getting more hang time will deliver more distance for this category of golfer.

RRP: £305

Wilson D9

best drivers 2022

This Wilson offering also delivered very high ball flights. This has been one of the longer drivers in the test in recent years. This year it was slightly shorter but had better forgiveness and dispersion. 

At £299 this was the cheapest driver tested and you really need to balance what performance you are getting for the price point of each model.

RRP: £299

Cleveland Launcher

best drivers 2022

This was designed for forgiveness and ease of use and it certainly ticks the boxes in both those categories. 

Over the ball this is one of the larger shapes which inspires a lot of confidence which high handicap golfers want. You could also see this provided some right to left shot shape correction to help straighten out that slice.

RRP: £379

Srixon ZX7

best drivers 2022

I love the sound and feel off the club face.

This has a smaller shaping which looks great behind the ball. It also means the centre of gravity is more forward making this driver very workable. 

This performed really well on distance averaging 222.4 yards of carry. The dispersion however wasn’t quite as tight as I would of liked perhaps the smaller shaping meant the sweet spot wasn’t quite as big.

RRP: £419




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