We take a look at the best blade putters 2019 and give the lowdown on whether these are the flat sticks that could take your game to the next level this season.

Best blade putters 2019 – Studio Stock 2 Putter

best blade putters 2019

The Studio Stock 2 has returned to the Studio Stock Series but not without enhancements to the finely-crafted blade.

Compared to a traditional blade putter, there is slightly less toe on the Studio Stock 2 as the hosel has been positioned slightly forward towards the toe on this model.

New rounded bumpers and raised shoulders help distribute great weight for ideal perimeter weighting.

With the help of feedback from major champions, Robert Bettinardi milled the face 20% deeper to create an even softer feel at impact.

The stunning hand-polished platinum finish combined with the Saphire Blue paint scheme gives the Studio Stock 2 a fantastic look at address.

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