Ben Hogan are, in their words, "changing the status quo". So we checked out their new model and put the latest range to the test

“Golf equipment has gotten too expensive,” says the Ben Hogan website, “and the process of buying it is far too complicated.” It concludes with a confident: “We’re changing that.”

Founded by the golf legend in 1953, the same year he won the last three of his nine majors, the company that bears his name changed the way they sell golf clubs in 2017. In order to cut out the middle man and avoid the consumer paying middlemen or retail markups, you can order your clubs through their website and they will custom build them in their Texas factory then deliver them straight to your door.

So we thought we’d give it a go and ordered a full set of custom-built clubs online for our Ben Hogan review. The process was really easy simply pick out what model and shafts you want as well as extra details such as lie angle, club length, and grip size. Then you just sit and wait for the clubs to arrive at your door…

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