Advert of the week: Beef stars in Arby commercials

Not only does Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnston sport a rather fantastic beard, he has also proved that he may well have a career in acting when he hangs his clubs up for the final time.

The Arby adverts are set to debut over the coming week in America, you’ve gotta hand it to Beef for his marketing skills!

There’s not one..

Not two..

But THREE adverts! America has really taken to Beef it has to be said..

Gag of the week: Jamie Donaldson spotted providing that added ‘thrust’

European Tour pro Jamie Donaldson has been spotted giving Oliver Wilson a little extra acceleration into his swing at the Porsche Open this week.

Both Donaldson and Wilson recently took part in the Italian Open, and are both in the field this week in Germany as they look to end their European Tour season on a high.

Oh yeah, and when the Welshman isn’t messing around on the range he’s celebrating missed putts!

You’ve gotta love Jamie!

Swing of the week: Happy Gilmore’s younger brother?

By the looks of it, this guy has been taking a note out of the Happy Gilmore books.

It’s maybe not the best technique that the world of golf has seen, but it seems to work for him. Give it a few years time and we may well see him and THAT swing on Tour.

As Duke Ellington once said:

“It don’t mean a thing, if it ain’t got that swing.”

Is this a technique to adapt into your game?Well, maybe not for now.. it does still need a little refinement.