Your banter is awful – if you've got nothing sensible to say, shut up

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There's always one player who thinks 'golf banter' is funny. Well if the Angry Club Golfer has his way, that trap will soon be shut

You think you’re clever with your ‘golf banter’, don’t you?

You’ve always got a quip to hand every time the Angry Club Golfer’s playing a shot. Well, you know what they say about wit…

The Angry Club Golfer hates you and, if you’re not careful, he’ll ram those course cliches right down your throat.

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About Angry Club Golfer

Our club golfer plays more golf than anyone on the planet (stats unconfirmed) – which means there is plenty for him to get wound up about.

As we’re very nice here at National Club Golfer, we thought we would give him a platform on which to get it all off his chest.

You can follow Angry Club Golfer on Twitter. Let him know what makes you angry on the golf course.

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