Want to gain yardage with your driver but unsure how? Take a look at your clubhead speed, which is one of the main factors influencing driving distance

A hot topic on tour and within golf governing bodies at the moment is the increase in driving distance. But how do you hit the golf ball further? Clubhead speed is one of the main factors influencing how far you hit the ball off the tee…

What is clubhead speed?

Clubhead speed is how fast you are moving the head of the golf club just before impact. It is most commonly measured when players are using their driver.

Clubhead Speed

The speed of the clubhead determines how far you are able to hit the golf ball. In fact for every extra 1mph faster you swing the club, you can increase you driver distance by three yards.

What is the average clubhead speed?

According to TrackMan the average male golfer has 93.4mph of clubhead speed and generate 214yds off the tee with their driver.

Generally when measuring clubhead speed we see golfers with a lower handicap recording the highest speeds. For example the average male scratch golfer swings it at 110mph, 9mph faster than the average five handicapper and 15mph faster than the average 10 handicapper.

clubhead speed

If you compare this to the average PGA Tour player they are nearly 10mph faster at 113mph. The longest hitter on the PGA Tour for 2019 was Cameron Champ. He has an average club speed of 128mph and hits it 317.9yds on average, just over four yards further than Rory McIlroy. The highest ever recorded clubhead speed on Trackman is 156mph.

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