Getting back in the game

Dear Emma,
I used to play golf when I was younger but haven’t played for years. Could you recommend a fun way for me to get back on the course?
Danielle, Basingstoke

Emma: The absolute best way for you to get back into it would be to go to your local driving range.

That will provide the right facilities for you to get your eye and swing back in without having to invest lots of time and energy. Just be conscious of what you are trying to do and achieve with your session. 

Once you feel more confident head to your local course and get back out there. Maybe look for a local improvers’ group so you can meet like-minded people.


Your pre-swing checklist

Dear Emma,

What are your final thoughts or checklist as you address the ball?
@Mototim19, Via Twitter


1) Place your clubhead behind the ball, ensuring it is lined up to your target.

2) Place your hands on the club, ensuring good hand positions and light grip pressure.

3) Set yourself a comfortable distance away from the ball.

4) Feet apart ensuring correct width of stance.

5) Bottom out, knees flexed, slight lean forward, weight on balls of feet.

6) Be and feel comfortable. Once comfy and lined up look at the target, settle and then give it a whack!