Angel Cabrera swing sequence

The two things that I want to highlight with Angel Cabrera’s unique swing that are worth noting for all of you male club golfers who are carrying a little excess weight are, firstly, how firmly planted both his feet are as he strikes the ball.

He almost appears a bit flatfooted but this is exactly how the weight should be distributed for the heavier golfer.

Secondly, please observe how far Angel has managed to turn his hips to the left while his shoulders are parallel to his intended line.

Angel Cabrera

This is something that club golfers should try to do – however, you need flexibility. If you are serious about wanting to hit a long drive as you get older you must work to maintain flexibility.

You have to be able to do as Cabrera does: clear your hips, stay firmly balanced and really swish the golf club through impact. At 46 and over 15 stones, our man retains suppleness, try to do likewise.