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We would all like to make more six-foot putts but I think this is one area where the pros have a significant advantage over the club golfers. Andy Sullivan

I came up against Charl Schwartzel in a play-off in 2015 for the South African Open and, having not won before, I was genuinely shaking over a 12-foot putt to win.

The only thing I thought about was keeping my knees stable throughout the stroke. It might sound ridiculous but if you concentrate on planting your feet and keeping your knees dead still and tight in then it is quite hard for other unwanted parts of your body to get in the way.

Andy Sullivan

Another solid tip is to ALWAYS use the line on your ball. Everyone focuses purely on the outcome, which is rubbish as you can pull the putt and it still goes in.

Particularly for clutch putts, starting it on the right line is massive and it helps you to commit to where you want to hit it. Then it’s down to pace. There is a good reason every pro draws a line on their ball, it gives you feedback on every putt that you hit. So, if you don’t do it already, start now.

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