In 2015, Amy Boulden made 16 appearances on the LET and recorded 3 top 10 finishes including her season best T4th at the Buick Championship in Shanghai.

She improved her consistency from 2014, ending 10th on the 2015 Order of Merit.

She represents Conwy Golf Club and Robert Rock Academy.

In this video, Amy shows us how we can improve our game by practising chipping on one foot. The drill helps you to fully rotate through your shots and stops your weight hanging on the back foot. Doing the one footed chipping drill makes it a lot easier to hit down on the ball, resulting in much crisper shots.

When you start hitting balls with a normal stance, it will you feel more comfortable rotating through your shots as you are used to hitting down on the ball and making sure you turn your body through onto your lead foot.

Vist her website, or follow her on Twitter @amy_boulden