Amy Boulden is a professional golfer who competes on the Ladies European Tour.

We invited Amy down to The Shack to give us a few of her tips that will help amateur golfers improve their game.

Here she talks you through the three steps to help you hit your irons more consistently.

Step 1: Work on the club path

Whenever you go to the range the first thing you should so is put some alignment sticks down. This will help you improve your club path.

If you are a fader of the ball you can move the sticks slightly to the left. The aim is to not make contact with the sticks.

Step 2: Check your posture

During the set up check with a mirror, or get someone to stand behind you to make sure your posture remains stable throughout the swing.

One of the best examples of this would be Justin Rose. If you watch him hit an iron shot his upper body remains very upright. That’s what you want to match.

Step 3: Work on drills

Practicing drills is key to improving your irons. This one is all about improving your posture. You don’t need a club but at the range or at home, put your backside up against a wall and work on your swing.

Make sure your backside remains in contact with the wall at all times.

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