Club golfer Kevin Pon did something no one - according to the record books - has ever done before

For keen amateur golfer Kevin Pon, it was just another normal day knocking around his club, Lake Chabot, in Oakland, California, in December.

Then he arrived at the monster 649-yard 18th – one of a handful of par-6 holes in the United States – and pulled off one of the sport’s most remarkable, and unlikely, feats.

Pon, a 54-year-old 10-handicap who lives in nearby Castro Valley, smoked a drive from the elevated tee that hopped, skipped, and jumped its way down the hill and finished up some 540 yards from where it started.

Pon, thinking he had a nice 120-yard wedge shot into the raised green with two putts for eagle or an outside chance of an albatross, then did the unthinkable – he holed his approach for a rare condor.

It is, according to the San Francisco newspaper Mercury News, the only recorded condor on a par-6 in US golf history.

For context, the odds of hitting a hole-in-one on a par 3 are 12,500-1, while the odds of holing an albatross move into six figures. The chances of a condor are so slim, governing bodies don’t even carry odds of it happening.

In golf’s history, according to, this is just the sixth recorded condor. All of the previous five were par-5 aces.

“I still can’t believe it. I didn’t even see the ball come to rest on either of those two shots,” Pon told the paper.

But my favourite quote is from Jerry Stewart of the California Golf Association, who begrudgingly accepted Pon’s achievement as legitimate following an investigation.

After seeing pictures of Lake Chabot’s lengthy finisher, with the steep hills and cart paths, Stewart conceded: “It sounds like he hit the path. He may have hit the path twice. It may have hopped and went a hundred yards, then hopped again and went another hundred yards.

“He got extremely lucky.”

We’re a cynical bunch, us golfers.

Pon doesn’t mind. “It’s been a weird year,” he added.

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