The Ping empire began in a Californian garage in 1959. Now the Phoenix-based company have decided to reveal their secrets.

And The Putter Went… PING will be exclusively available to purchase in the next few weeks. It documents the rise of a company that has revolutionised the way golf is played.

The book chronicles Ping’s heritage and its ongoing efforts to advance golf technology for the benefit of golfers of all skill levels. It takes readers behind the scenes of a story that began in the family garage of Karsten Solheim.

It has taken nearly four years to collate with exclusive stories from Ping’s past and present and also includes several never-seen-before pictures from behind the scenes of a company that remains family-owned and family-run to this day.

SRP £100

GolfBuddy launches LR7 laser rangefinder

Golfbuddy laser

Building on the success of the LR5 laser, GolfBuddy have incorporated lots of the same features which made it accessible for the everyday golfer.

Golfbuddy say that their latest model weighs just 218g. It will give you the distance you need to the nearest yard and you will barely notice that you are carrying it. And at less than £250, it’s an affordable way to get the benefit of a super-accurate laser.

RRP £249.99

Arccos introduce golf’s first artificial intelligence platform

Arccos Caddie

A pocket caddie is finally here and it’s accessible at the touch of a button…

Powered by the Microsoft Azure cloud platform, the new Arccos Caddie harnesses advanced analytics which they believe can help golfers of all skill levels shoot lower scores by making smarter, data-driven decisions on the course.

It also accounts for weather conditions, including forecasted wind speed, wind direction, rain, temperature and more. Arccos say the platform can be used by anyone, on nearly any hole in the world.

The initial release on July 1 will mean golfers can download a free trial straight to their phone.

Tommy Fleetwood goes for ‘trendy’ joggers

Nike joggers

The Englishman, who has enjoyed a resurgence in the last twelve months, has revealed that he is loving Nike’s new joggers.

The 26-year-old has teamed up with Trendy Golf at this weekend’s BMW PGA Championship, with the online store choosing all four of his outfits.

“It’s been a bit of a split whether people like the joggers or not,” revealed Fleetwood.

“But I really like them – I genuinely think they are great. I asked Keith (Pelley) and said ‘are these alright?’ He said ‘I love them’.

“They are one of the biggest things going at the minute in fashion but when you put them on at the golf course, people might not always take to them at first. But I wear them all the time at home and when I’m going out so I might as well wear them on the golf course!”

Cool or not? We’ll let you decide.