Another busy week for me with trips down to Basingstoke to see TaylorMade and then up to Archerfield the following day.

All will be revealed next week but what I will say is there are loads of really good irons coming your way. Get your wallets ready.

We also headed to The Belfry to test out the all-new Powakaddy FW7 GPS trolley.

There’s always a bit of a lull as the final major of the year finishes but there was some great equipment chat from Justin Thomas after he made it back-to-back majors and PGA Championships for Titleist.

Thomas, who switched into the new 718 MB irons (launching next week…) said:

“I hit some shots with them and thought the flight on them was great, they looked great and were very similar to the irons that I already used in terms of feel, so that was not a big change for me.

“It was really a very easy transition; about a 30- to 45-minute session on the range hitting balls. The numbers on TrackMan were good and they were going the right distances, so why not?

“It looks clean at address. The feel is great, they go through the turf well, they have a good sound to them. All the irons are great but I’ve used blades most of my life.”

There’s still plenty of golf left this season so why not perk up your game with a bit of new gear. It certainly worked for JT.

New Motocaddy push trolleys

We’ve seen some cool new technology in the electric trolley world this year with both Motocaddy and Powakaddy adding GPS models to their line-ups.

Both for those of use who feel like charging a battery is too much hassle, a push trolley might be a decent compromise.

And there’s still a decent amount of tech latest push models from Motocaddy which includes the P360, Cube and P1.

The compliment the existing S1 Lite and compact-folding M1 Lite.

The new P360 (£169.99) offers improved manoeuvrability around the course thanks to a 360° rotating front wheel.

The Cube (£149.99) folds 45% smaller than traditional push trolleys to fit into the smallest of car boots and the lightweight (6.9kg) P1 (£129.99) can be folded up or down in one simple step.

More information can be found on the Motocaddy website.

Srixon update best-selling AD333

The Srixon AD333 – the been the best-selling two piece golf ball for the past 11 years – has been updated with new technology to mirror performance of more premium models.

Srixon AD333

The AD333 is a lower compression, durable two-piece alternative to the Z-Star but still has a fast core, premium spin skin coating and clever aerodynamic dimple pattern.

Srixon say the AD333 offers a great balance of long driver distance, controlled iron play and spin around the greens – and all for £22 per dozen.

More information can be found on the Srixon website.

Skechers launch special Team Europe shoe for Solheim week

Skechers Solheim cup

As the Solheim Cup kicked off this week some of the world’s leading players took to the fairways in never-before-seen, limited edition, Team Europe and Team USA Skechers Go Golf shoes.

The exclusive styles will be worn by players including three-time LET Tour winner Florentyna Parker.

Skechers Solheim

Caddies, coaches, and officials will be also be sporting Skechers Performance footwear which offer lightweight, eye-catching designs and maximum comfort.

More information can be found on the Skechers website.

Tour players get a closer look at PuttView

Do you struggle to read putts? I know, annoying isn’t it?

But what if there was a piece of technology that could do it for you?

German firm Viewlicity demonstrated its PuttView green-reading and visualisation technology at the European Open which went down well with those who tried it out.

Putt View

Unfortunately you can’t wear the headset – which shows break and required pace – out on the course but it can be used in practice to get a better feel on what a putt is going to do.

“PuttView gave me a totally new putting experience when I tested it outdoors at the Porsche European Open,” said European Tour winner Johan Edfors.


“It is incredible to be able to see the line and pace of the putt before you hit it. It’s a really cool product.”

More information can be found on the PuttView website.

Powakaddy cart bag promotion

Every golfer who buys one of the brand’ FW7s trolleys before Monday September 11 will get a free PowaKaddy cart bag worth up to £209.99.

Powakaddy cart bag

As part of the promotion, golfers can choose from two of the brand’s cart bags – the Dri Edition and Premium.

More information can be found on the Powakaddy website.