Nearly two decades on from the first model, Adidas are back with a 2022 version of their best-selling golf shoe. Hannah Holden has everything you need to know

Can you believe its 17 years since we were first introduced to the Adidas Tour 360 golf shoes? This year they’re back with more technological advances than ever before. So let’s dive straight in…

Adidas Tour 360 golf shoes 22: First impressions

These pack a punch straight out of the box. Personally I love the styling, its a traditional Tour 360 with a twist. The bright colours stand out and the overall design feels really athletic and strong.

Adidas Tour360 22

Adidas Tour 360 golf shoes 22: The technology

When it came to the performance of this shoe there were two key areas on which Adidas wanted to zone in: fit and traction.

The shaping of the shoe is designed around a ‘Feet You Wear’ last. The design mimics the natural shape of the foot to give you a more natural fit as we’ll as better stability, traction and comfort.

Adidas Tour360 22

There is a tremendous amount of weight transfer and lateral movement in the golf swing. Using this last helps golfers get a better connection to the ground to make it easier to generate power in the swing.

In combination with the last there is also an inside sock liner. This cradles the contours of the foot, especially around the heel, to deliver cushioning, comfort and support. To enhance fit on to top of the foot a geofit collar pad provides a more personal fit.

Comfort is also of huge importance. Adidas combined Boost cushioning and a EVA stability frame to give full-length comfort. Boost is a foam like material with a series of thermoplastics wrapping round air pockets. This is flexible enough to have some give when you walk, give you energy return but also keep its overall form.

Adidas Tour360 22

The stability frame is a horseshoe-shaped piece that surrounds the boost on the perimeter of the forefoot to boost stability.

Adidas undertook a series amount of tour testing to get this shoe right including looking at pressure traces of some of the best players in the world. This lead to the new Spikemore cleat design.

Adidas Tour360 22

This involves cleats being directly injected straight onto the TPU base. This allows the spike locations to be more precise as well as the shaping of each cleat arm. The individual cleats also have a centre cone which improves overall grip.

Adidas Tour360 22

These new spikes are larger than previous designs which helps to disperse weight and promote increase green friendliness.

Both the men’s and women’s line feature BOA offerings to further optimise fit. The PerformFit Wrap system features two overlapping panels that pull down over the top of the instep. This locks the foot in place and which the BOA fit system provides a customised fit.

“The Tour 360 is synonymous with pinnacle technology and premium materials, and we remained true to that throughout the design process of this new model. Golfers will instantly notice a more natural fit that offers better stability, better traction and amazing comfort. I’ve been a part of the creation of every model of the Tour 360, so I can confidently say that this is our best-performing model we have ever introduced.”

Masun Denison, global footwear director

Adidas Tour 360 golf shoes 22: The line-up

The Tour360 will be offered in five models for 2022 with BOA, laced, men’s, women’s and junior options.

Adidas Tour360 22 review
Adidas Tour 360 22 Men’s BOA

Adidas Tour360 22 review
Adidas Tour 360 22 Men’s Laced

Adidas Tour360 22
Adidas Tour 360 22 Women’s BOA

Adidas Tour360 22
Adidas Tour 360 22 Women’s Laced

Adidas Tour360 22
Adidas Tour360 22 Juniors Laced

Adidas Tour 360 golf shoes 22: NCG verdict

I cannot tell you how long I’ve waited to get my hands on a pair of spiked women’s Tour 360’s. In fact as a junior I used to buy the men’s version as I loved the stability and support.

The technology has reached another level since then and finally I can get this in a women’s shaping that fits me properly.

And the fit is so good. From every angle it hugs the shape of my foot, when I walk the shoe just follows the natural movement of my foot.

Adidas Tour360 22 review

I have not dared to take these on the golf course yet, they are too white and the UK winter mud will not be ruining these beauties so for now you will have to gleam insight from my trips to the driving range. But even off mats the traction has delighted me. The gripped sole is slightly wider than the width of your foot and it provides a really stable base. The spikes are also really doing their job and I really like the addition of the spike under the arch of your foot for a little added traction.

So far I am serious impressed with the performance, I will be back with a more long term update when these have been out on the course more.

Adidas Tour 360 golf shoes 22: The details

Available: January 28

RRP: £160

More info: Adidas website

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