Our Adidas Powerband vs. Tour 360 review took place on the course at Hillsborough in Sheffield.

The Powerband Boa Boost golf shoes are those favoured by Adidas staffer Sergio Garcia.

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And we’ve seen Dustin Johnson rocking the Tour 360 as he’s made his way to the top of the Official World Golf Ranking.

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But which model is going to work best for you? I played a round wearing each for nine holes to see how they performed.

Adidas Powerband vs. Tour 360 – First impressions

We first saw the Adidas Boost technology featuring in golf shoes at the 2015 PGA Show in Orlando.

It looks a bit like polystyrene but it’s a unique cushioning foam which helps return energy to your feet.

Adidas have rolled this technology out into a number of their models and it features in both the Powerbands and the new Tour 360.

The Tour 360 have a classier look and more of a ‘proper’ golf shoe feel to them. The Powerbands are a bit lighter and more trainer-like.

Adidas Powerband vs. Tour 360

The Powerbands have BOA lacing technology on the top of the tongue which in my opinion, is the best place for it to be.

Adidas Powerband vs. Tour 360

These are both spiked models with quite firm plastic spikes. I don’t think these sort of spikes are the ones favoured by greenkeepers…

Both models have a youthful, modern look but they really are quite different once you get them on your feet.

Be sure to take care with sizing. I find Adidas to be on the stingy side as get a snug fit with a 10 yet am a 9 in FootJoy and 9.5 in Puma, Ecco and Under Armour. I’m also a 10 in Nike.

Why sizes aren’t standard across the board baffles me and I don’t think it does any brand any favours. Anyway, I digress…

Adidas Powerband vs. Tour 360 – The technology

The Boost technology runs almost all the way around in the Tour 360s compared to just in the heel on the Powerbands.

Adidas Powerband vs. Tour 360

It is quite clever how the BOA lacing system on the Powerbands pulls the whole upper of the shoe around your foot for a nice snug fit.

Adidas Powerband vs. Tour 360

Adidas say the Powerbands have a 6-spike TPU outsole construction with strategically placed secondary lugs for added grip and stability.

Adidas Powerband vs. Tour 360

The Tour 360s are designed to keep your feet nice and stable with the 360 wrap technology. There’s added traction with a 10-cleat outsole.

Adidas Powerband vs. Tour 360

Both shoes carry a waterproof guarantee.

Adidas Powerband vs. Tour 360 – The results

There was impressive comfort right away with the Powerbands. They seemed to be a bit of a wider fit than what I’m used to with Adidas golf shoes which was a welcome surprise.

Adidas Powerband vs. Tour 360

They seem to be particularly wide around the toes but I was able to get my foot nicely locked in by doing the BOA laces up quite tight.

These shoes are nice and light but when I made my first few practice swings in them I felt really well rooted to the ground. They feel quite low profile and made me feel nice and stable through the swing.

I particularly felt my left foot digging nicely into the ground when hitting driver.

After nine holes I switched to the Tour 360 and could tell right away that these might need a little bit more ‘breaking in’.

Adidas Powerband vs. Tour 360

The shoe just feels a lot firmer and it was a bit of an effort to get them on my feet.

Once on, they weren’t uncomfortable but I just wanted them to be a bit softer – something which I’m sure would come over time.

The traction was equally excellent – there was no slipping and sliding about which is a problem I can have out on the course.

After a while I started to feel the higher heel rubbing a little bit and I became a bit more conscious of the shoes rather than forgetting about them which would be my preference.

Adidas Powerband vs. Tour 360

Adidas Powerband vs. Tour 360 – NCG verdict

Adidas have a fantastic heritage in running shoes and football boots and elements of each are apparent in these golf shoes.

The Boost technology (first featured in running shoes) is fantastic for comfort and really helps take the strain out of a round of golf.

Adidas Powerband vs. Tour 360

One problem I do have with it is that once it gets dirty, it can be difficult to clean and can look a bit grubby.

I’m someone who leans towards a more stable golf shoe and from the outset I did prefer the looks of the Tour 360.

But if I was going to play a round tomorrow, it would be the Powerband Boa Boosts which got the nod.

They are lighter and more comfortable than the Tour 360 but don’t compromise on traction and stability at all.

I’m not a huge fan of the looks but performance and comfort are the only things I’m really bothered about in a golf shoe.

I am a huge fan of BOA which is another reason why I’d be plumping for the Powerbands.

Spikeless golf shoes do have their merits but if you’re after maximum traction I think it has to be spiked all way.

And if you’re after a decent pair of top-performing spiked golf shoes that can be worn all year round, I think both these models are well worth a look.

But it’s a victory for Sergio Garcia over Dustin Johnson on this occasion. Sorry DJ.

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Adidas Powerband Boa Boost: £149.95
Adidas Tour 360 Boost: £149.95

More information can be found on the Adidas website.