The golf GPS app is an important tool for both the professional and amateur golfer because of it’s improved ability to monitor your position on the golf course, the distance to the nearest hole and pinpoint your location accurately. Yet, you may be wondering why you don’t see the use of GPS apps in major competitions like the Masters Series. Well, most PGA players enjoy the company of personal caddies that have excellent course knowledge and have also mastered their playing style.

For amateur golfers, the golf GPS app comes in handy. These apps provide a detailed map of the entire course while measuring the distances. Some apps will even narrow down to tracking your shot distance as well as capturing important statistics and your scores. They will then make suggestions based on your playstyle and position thus enhancing your game. Other important information that you can tap from GPS apps includes information on accurate yardage, ability to detect hazards and distance left to the green.

Although competitive golf rules allow the use of smartphone-based golf GPS apps, they limit the functionality to pinpointing location and measuring distance. This means you can also use them for competitive games to get powerful insights to power up your game. 

Besides having personal caddies, pro-golfers also embrace the use of GPS apps as opposed to standalone GPS devices. With numerous golf GPS apps in the market, it is easy for golfers to achieve more from each game by accessing leading GPS technology using these applications that are supported on both iPhone and Android smartphones and tablets. When put to good use, you can use the golf GPS app to play 18 holes and call home.

Some of the benefits of using golf GPS apps include the following:

  • Digital caddy

Caddies are invaluable companions for any golfer not just for the benefit of carrying clubs but because they can explain just about all the features of the golf course. Moreover, they can also recommend the best clubs depending on the weather, terrain and other prevailing conditions.

With the golf GPS app, you have a ‘digital caddy’ as this app captures all the critical information you need to play best. From storing information on your average swing distance with every club to recommending the best clubs for specific situations and distances, you can access so much information to help you make the right move.

Knowing the accurate distance to the hole or where the water hazards are and the grade of the fairway among other important information means you can make better decisions for a professional experience. GPS apps take the role of caddies by offering a secondary perspective to yours. Having this kind of objectivity will help you to stay focused on the game.

  • Expedite your game

No matter what your objectives for the game are, a GPS app will help to speed up your overall game. Having the right information when playing means an enhanced flow of the game that eventually improves the speed of play. This doesn’t mean the app will rush you rather, it helps to save you the time you’d have spent measuring, considering or eyeballing distances. You won’t have to pace, walk and stare at the clubs to determine the one that is best suited for the terrain. Certainly, you’ll spend more time playing.

  • Greater situational awareness

Having familiarity with a golf course comes with multiple advantages when it comes to playing and enjoying the game. Although you can take numerous plays on a given course just to get the right mindset of playing and avoid potential traps, the golf GPS app takes things a notch higher by providing the information you need upfront. Being knowledgeable about the distance to the hole, the exact location of sand and water hazards, where the rough starts and the slope of green sets the stage for a solid game. Using a GPS app will give you the advantage that often comes with repeated experience.Smartphone-based golf GPS apps are popular because the infrastructure and technological development of phones has greatly improved over the past couple of years. Moreover, they are also affordable. Given the fact that by nature golf is an expensive sport, you can certainly cut costs by taking advantage of free GPS apps that come with great features you can take advantage of especially the determination of yardages and hazards as well as club recommendation. Knowing your distances will determine to a great deal the level of your play.


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