Steve: We’ve all seen enough in the last few weeks, haven’t we? Regardless of what happens at Bellerive tomorrow, Tiger Woods is going to win another major is he not?

James: I think it has to come in the next 12 months or it won’t happen. Let’s not forget he had a massive wobble when he hit the front at The Open. Don’t get me wrong I’m loving the stingers and the club twirls as much as everyone else but he’s still got some serious players to get past – well, according to the leaderboard he has but I’m yet to see them in action. Saw a decent par save from Nick Watney though.

Alex: I’ve always said he’ll win another one and I’m not about to change that opinion any time soon. If he wins one in the next year or so, I reckon he beats Jack.

Dan: Some of us never disembarked the Tiger Train. Yes, he is, Steve. And it might even be tomorrow.

James: What has impressed you the most about Tiger this week? I can’t get over his driver ball speed.

Tiger Woods sweats

Alex: I saw a tweet from someone watching Tiger’s group and said he bolted a stinger at 11, turned and just smirked as he watched everyone gawping at his ball in disbelief. He knows he’s still got it.

Dan: I love the way he has rebuilt his championship so painstakingly after being +3 through two on Thursday. It was slow going to start with, and at one point yesterday he was in more danger of missing the cut than contending.

This was a hallmark of Tiger in his prime – you could never quite rule him out. Of his contemporary rivals, Jordan Spieth is the closest to sharing the knack.

Steve: His wedge play has been absolutely magnificent, which is all the more remarkable when you remember he has suffered from the chipping yips. Some of the shots he pulled off towards the end of his second round reminded me of him at his very best. He looks so much more confident on the greens now he has changed the putter as well. You feel when he gets in and around the scoring area that he’s going to make something happen. Contrast that with Rory.