What is 6-6-6 and how do you play it? Here's what you need to know about this fun golf format

The 6-6-6 golf format is a fun game where the play changes every six holes. (What gave it away?)

As golfers, we’ve all had that debate on the first tee when it comes to which format you should play that day. Well with 6-6-6, you can quash these squabbles by playing three separate golf matches using three different formats of your choosing.

6-6-6 golf games are best played in teams of two to fit the requirements of the changing formats. Other variations of the game include 9-9 and 3-3-3 competitions.

How to play 6-6-6 golf

Start by selecting which three formats you would like to play within your 18-hole match. This can be any format of your choosing, but the most commonly used in 6-6-6 are foursomes, four-ball, and scramble.

The game then involves a best of three format playing your three mini matches every six holes.

This means holes 1-6 could be foursomes, 7-12 four-ball, and 13-18 a scramble. Whichever pair wins two or more of the three games therefore wins the overall match.

Formats can be played in any order you like, and teams can always be swapped around between games if you’re only playing a causal round.

Overall, 6-6-6 is an exciting game which allows players to get used to a range of different formats all in one match. 6-6-6 encourages strategic team play and keeps things competitive without applying too much pressure.

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