Cobra teased us last year with the King Supersport-35 3D-printed putter, and now the brand have brought out two brand new families with something for everyone

Cobra putters are back with a bang as the brand unveils 10 new models in two distinct families.

The big talking point will still be the 3D-printing technology. Cobra first brought this to market last year in the King SuperSport-35 with help from tech giants HP.

This range is about pushing the boundaries to create something that performs better both in terms of roll quality and stability. The result is some rather bold designs that have already been a hit on tour.

cobra putters

The King Vintage Series blends classic shapes with Cobra’s modern technology for players who want to look at something more traditional behind the ball.

Across both ranges Cobra have partnered with SIK Golf and Bryson DeChambeau to design improved roll in a soft yet crisp feeling aluminium face insert. 

2021 Cobra putters: The line-up

First up let’s take a look at the new King 3D-Printed range. The first model is the King GrandSport-35 which has an oversized blade shape. It has a plumber neck design making it perfect for players with a slight arc to their stroke. It is also available in an armlock offering.

cobra putters

It has a 268-gram steel chassis, a 21-gram forged aluminium crown which side around the intricate 3D-printed nylon in the centre. We also see tungsten weights in both the toe and heel to increase perimeter weighing which boosts MOI and forgiveness.

The King SuperNova has an oversized fang design with the aim to drive up MOI and forgiveness on off centre hits.

cobra putters

This stability is possible thanks to two 3D-printed lattice sections made from extremely lightweight nylon material. This means Cobra can optimise the rest of the weight around the perimeter to drive the MOI up.

The final model in the 3D-printed range is the Agera and you could say Cobra have saved the best until last.

cobra putters

This is an oversized mallet that has the most MOI in the new Cobra range. In fact Cobra are saying it is one of the most forgiving putters on the market.

The whole middle section of the putter is 3D-printed which removes unnecessary mass from this area. The sole of the putter is made from a 261-gram steel chassis and the design is topped off with a 27-gram forged aluminium crown. There is over 50 grams of tungsten on the perimeter of the putter which really drives up that MOI. It is also available in an armlock offering.

Now onto the King Vintage family and you’ll immediately notice that, visually, they are worlds apart. As the name suggests, this range offers a more traditional styling with influence from classic sports cars.

If you’re a traditionalist I’m sure you’ll love the styling of the King Vintage Sport-45.

cobra putters

The plumber neck hosel promotes more toe hang for those of you with some arc in your stroke.

It has a stainless steel body and features two 20-gram sole weights that are adjustable. There is also a King Vintage Sport-60 model it is the same design but features a flow-neck hosel which gives the putter more toe hang. It’s perfect for players with a stronger arc.

The single-bend shaft in the King Vintage Torino has a face-balanced design for players with a straighter stroke. Again we see adjustable sole weights to dial in feel and stability.

cobra putters

We also see a fang offering in this range thanks to the King Vintage Nova. This comes in a face balanced offering or you can move into the King Vintage Nova-40 if you want something with a bit more toe hang.

cobra putters

The King Vintage Stingray is my favourite in this range. I love the shaping and the long single sightline. This is the biggest mallet in the Vintage range and has a multi-material construction that allows for a single adjustable sole weight.

cobra putters

This comes with a single bend hosel for a face balanced feel or you can opt for the King Vintage Stingray-40 which has more toe hang and suits more arcing strokes.

Cobra putters: The technology

Although the technologies differ across the ranges there are a few key similarities.

All the putters feature SIK Golf’s Descending Loft Technology. The face is split into four sections from top to bottom with four descending lofts from 4° to 1°. This guarantees a more consistent launch angle giving you a true roll on all putts.

All putters in the King 3D Printed series come with a Cobra Connect grip powered by Arccos so you can track your stats and get in-depth on course putting data.

Cobra putters: Details

Available: Pre-order now

RRP: £199 (King Vintage); £269 (King 3D-Printed)

More info: Cobra website

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