The best Titleist golf balls of 2022

Which Titleist golf ball should I play?

If you prefer to play the No 1 ball in golf, allow us to help you pick the right one to suit your game


Titleist golf balls have been the dominant force for decades, with the introduction of the Pro V1 solidifying their position as the No 1 brand. Today, Titleist produces a wide range of golf balls, each specifically designed to suit the needs of every golfer. We take you through each option to help you decide which Titleist ball is best suited for your game.

Which Titleist golf balls should I play?

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The Titleist Pro V1 has undergone many iterations since it first came to market, with the most recent of those coming in 2021. The latest Pro V1 provides a softer case urethane elastomer cover, reformulated process core, and faster low spin casing later for a longer, more penetrating trajectory off the tee.

The Pro V1 also offers a new spherically-tiled dimple design, producing exceptional greenside control and soft feel around the greens.

Overall, Titleist tout the Pro V1 as the game’s best all-round golf ball and the best fit for the majority of golfers.

The product is used by many of the world’s greatest golfers, with the likes of Viktor Hovland, Cameron Smith, and Louis Oosthuizen all preferring the standard Pro V1 offering.

But Titleist are also keen to remind golfers of all abilities that the Pro V1 will work for their game too – with the increased distance and short game spin from the latest model being of use to every golfer. 

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Following the massive success of the Pro V1, the Titleist Pro V1x was brought to market in 2003.

Designed to offer a slightly firmer feel than it’s counterpart, the Pro V1x has undergone just as many revisions as the standard ball since it was first introduced.

The 2021 version offers a slightly higher flight coupled with increased short game spin, while maintaining the unique feel that first attracted so many golfers to the ball.

Tour players including Justin Thomas, Patrick Cantlay, and Adam Scott all game the Pro V1x, with its higher launch ideal for attacking the greens on the PGA Tour.

Both the Pro V1 and Pro V1x are now available in yellow as well as white, and are priced at the more premium end of the market. If you’re unsure about which ball is best suited for you, Titleist and their brand ambassadors offer frequent golf ball fittings throughout the year

There is one more recent addition to the Pro V1 family which comes in the form of the Titleist -Pro V1x – or Left Dash Pro V1x. The ball was created following requests from tour players who craved a lower spinning golf ball designed to maximise distance.

The -Pro V1x still features Titleist’s drop-and-stop technology, enabling players to control their ball as they approach the green. However, the slightly lower flight and dramatically lower full swing spin make this Titleist’s longest product in the Pro V1 family.

The high swing speed player is most likely to benefit from the -Pro V1x, with them still able to create enough spin to maintain control of the ball, without relying on additional technological help in this area.

Titleist AVX 2022

Another recent addition towards the top end of the golf ball family has been the Titleist AVX.

The product was introduced in 2018, and is geared towards providing golfers with a lower spinning ball and lower trajectory, both of which help to maximise distance.

While the product sits alongside the Pro V1 family in terms of price and technology, its primary target has been club golfers, who have enjoyed the super soft feel coupled with an increase in length off the tee. The AVX is also available in yellow.

Although Titleist believe that all golfers should be able to fit into one of the products in Pro V1 family, the brand recognise that some players seek a more cost efficient golf ball.

The solution was to create the Titleist Tour Speed golf ball; a soft feeling, multi-layer ball with a technology-driven core designed for maximising distance – all at a more affordable price point.

The focus of this golf ball is pure speed, affording the brand the opportunity to directly call out some of its rivals within the marketplace during the initial launch of the Tour Speed. One final addition that we love in this ball is the alignment aid around the product name, with a more pronounced arrow graphic being a huge help both on the green and off the tee.

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In many ways a younger brother to the Tour Speed, the Titleist Tour Soft provides much of the same performance but in Titleist’s softest feeling product. The Tour Soft features the largest core Titleist have ever put into a golf ball, with a super thin cover helping golfers to engage this with ease when they compress the ball with full swings.

The thinness of the cover also aids short game feel and spin, allowing golfers to maintain control as they attack the putting surfaces. Like the Tour Speed, the Tour Soft also features a unique alignment aid, with the perpendicular side stamp created to ensure a square putter face at address.

Titleist Velocity golf ball

The Titleist Velocity has been a popular product with club golfers for several years, with an ultimate focus on distance.

The ball has always featured a splash of colour, notably with orange numbers, and the 2022 offering is no exception coming in matte orange, green or blue colourway options, which will all be released later this year.

The standard white version is available now, and features a newly-designed LSX core to help in the overall quest for distance, and at less than £30 a dozen, the Velocity continues to provide fantastic value for golfers.

Titleist TruFeel golf ball

Finally, the Titleist TruFeel is the most accessible product in the Titleist line-up, with an RRP of £24 per dozen. Initially offered in both white and yellow – although a red version is on the way – the TruFeel provides an ultra-soft feel, with lower spin characteristics to maximise distance.

The TruFlex Cover wraps around the TruTouch Core, providing golfers with a product that carries all of the technology you’d expect from a Titleist at one of the lowest pricepoints on the market.

We think the TruFeel is a great product for golfers who want to align with the Titleist brand and crave a soft feeling golf ball, but who may not be ready to commit to becoming a regular user of the Pro V1 or AVX. 

More Information: Titleist website

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