The 10 Best Putting Greens to Improve Your Golf Game

Here are the 10 best indoor putting greens to improve your golf game. Includes a feature comparison and key benefits.


Steady, noticeable improvement should be at the top of every golfer’s mind. Every round you play, your confidence should increase as you see your practice pay off. That perfectly struck shot, paired with the future possibility of shaving strokes off your average, is the thrill that keeps us coming back for more despite frustrating setbacks.

Where you practice matters far less than how consistent you are with that practice. For some golfers, routine practice can be difficult due to weather or lack of access to golf courses nearby. In these situations, an indoor putting green can help you improve your putting practice so that it’s more in line with how you would play outside.

Start practicing consistently with an indoor putting green that can be used anywhere, at any time. Carving out the time to get your putting reps in is less of a concern with a quality mat that can be set up in seconds.

We’ve reviewed the ten best indoor putting green options on the market today. Listed are the top brands, prices, and key considerations to remember so you can select the best indoor putting green for your situation.

The Best Indoor Putting Greens – Top Picks

Indoor putting greens let golfers practice their putts on their own terms. However, not all indoor greens are created equal, and some putting mats on the market can even waste a golfer’s time and money. Because of this, finding a high-quality product that falls within your budget is often the most challenging part when searching for an indoor putting mat. To help, we’ve thoroughly reviewed the best indoor putting greens available.

1. PrimePutt

The PrimePutt putting mat is made of tour-quality turf. The company prides itself on providing a product with the closest experience to an actual green. The PrimePutt indoor green truly offers everything an amateur golfer needs to practice putting from anywhere. With design features like putting cups that sit flush to the ground but replicate the feel of full-depth holes, and distance markers every 3 feet to help dial in your speed control, it’s no wonder why this putting green is at the top of our list. The PrimePutt can be rolled out on carpet or hardwood floors and lays flat immediately, even after it’s been rolled up for storage.


  • Affordable price 
  • High-quality material and turf
  • Different size options to fit any room
  • Custom design options
  • Easy to store and highly durable
  • Portable
  • No assembly required


  • Indoor use only
  • Shape selection limited

Bottom Line:

The PrimePutt indoor putting green is a great way to work on your putting at home or in the office. Between its affordable price point and excellent quality, it’s the perfect practice putting green for amateurs and professionals alike.

2. Pro Putt Systems

We’re particularly excited about Pro Putt Systems’ Pro Shop model. With options for indoor and outdoor use, this putting green has a high level of versatility and can even be used in a bedroom. The Pro Shop model was designed to fit in the corner of a room and is big enough to accommodate long putts. It comes in pieces that go together like a puzzle, which means easy assembly with no tools required. The dimensions of this putting mat are 11′ 6″ long by almost 8′ wide at the widest point. This mat is one of the best at allowing you to work on those 6′ to 8′ par putts–ones we could all desperately use more of.


  • Customizable
  • Mimics feel of a real green
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy assembly
  • Accessories (add a chipping mat with it for an added fee)
  • Works on carpet or hardwood floor


  • Price point
  • Needs to be put in the corner of a room
  • Size
  • Portability, not able to be rolled up
  • Weight, 200lbs

Bottom Line:

The ProPutt System Pro Shop is an excellent option for an indoor putting green with easy assembly. While storage isn’t the easiest with this option, if you are serious about your practice and have the space to make it a staple feature in a room, this putting green is a great way to work on your putting stroke daily.

3. Fiber Built  

The Fiber Built mat is 14′ in length and 4′ in width, offering a wide range of possibilities for practicing putts at varying distances. Rolling at a stimp of 9, this product provides true roll technology that makes for a surface capable of replicating the feel of an actual putting green. The base is made of a thicker rubber foundation that comes in modular form for easy assembly. The mat rolls right onto the base and requires no maintenance. 

Due to its rubber foundation, this indoor putting green provides a realistic feel under your feet while you’re putting. If you have a small chipping mat, you can also chip to this one, and the turf reacts like a real green, delivering a realistic check and roll out on chips.


  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy assembly
  • Realistic feel underfoot
  • True roll technology
  • Size can work on putts longer than 10′
  • Little to no-maintenance


  • Price point
  • Size (14′ long) requires ample space to accommodate
  • Storage space needed for the modular base when not in use

Bottom Line:

It’s hard not to love a putting mat offering true roll technology that can be used both indoors and outdoors. Especially if you add an accompanying chipping mat, Fiber Built helps you work on all aspects of your short game.

4. PuttView Home Series P7 

With more features available than any other mat we’ve listed, there’s no wonder why the price tag is so high for the PuttView Home Series P7. PuttView is a premium putting green with a projector, a touch-screen monitor for training, and an interactive putting surface. The Home Series creates an environment that makes practicing fun and captures valuable data insights that help you improve.

PuttView offers an array of single-player and multiplayer games, allowing you perfect practice solo or the ability to invite friends over for a game night and putting competition. The Home Series has been specifically designed to fit into your home or apartment with ease and software guaranteed to fuel your imagination. This unit is large enough to create the scenarios that impact your game the most while still being compact enough to fit into almost any room.


  • Offers the most green features
  • Interactive putting green
  • Size, made to fit almost any apartment
  • Single and multiplayer putting games
  • Interactive putting surface


  • Price
  • Heavy (330 lbs.)

Bottom Line:

This product is top-of-the-line when it comes to indoor putting greens. As long as the price isn’t a problem, you have a great putting mat to make practice fun, different, and inviting with the interactive putting green and pre-programmed practice drills.

The Tour Links Birdie Maker is approximately 12′ by 6′ with four holes and contour pads underneath to create breaking putts. Its size is excellent for a man cave, den, or basement. With turf offering true roll technology, you can guarantee your golf balls will roll true when practicing. The base of the Birdie Maker putting mat is modular, making for easy set-up and storage.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • USGA regulation size holes
  • Bump rail prevents the ball from rolling off the green
  • Contour pads allow for breaking putts
  • True roll technology
  • Stimp over 12 down grain


  • Price point for the size and not much technology or accessories offered

Bottom Line:

While this is a great middle-of-the-road option for an indoor putting green, for the price point and what the product offers in terms of accessories, we wouldn’t necessarily claim this as the best indoor putting green on the list.

6. Big Moss 

The Big Moss Commander Patio Series is great for indoor and outdoor use. It was designed with input from the PGA’s top instructors and players to create a more realistic at-home practice experience. Not only can you use this mat to practice your putting, but a chipping apron add-on also allows you to hone in on short chips. With no maintenance required, this putting mat could be left outdoors year-round and manufactured with a 15-year outdoor-rated putting turf.


  • Great value
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Easy assembly
  • Portable
  • Can work on both putting and chipping


  • Size
  • Only one hole

Bottom Line:

For the price of this putting mat and its technology options, there are other options with more features at a better price point. While still a great product to work on your putting stroke indoors, there are better bangs for your buck out there.

7. Wellputt

Wellputt putting greens is one of the more affordable options on this list and comes with an app that includes 50 practice exercises and is available on the App Store and Google Play store. The mat was designed with multiple visual aids to keep the putter head and body aligned throughout the stroke.


  • Affordable Price 
  • No maintenance
  • Easy storage and set-up
  • Markers on the mat for distance control practice
  • Comes with an app
  • Available in two different colors


  • Putting surface material more carpet-like than turf
  • No actual putting holes

Bottom Line:

The putting surface of a Wellputt mat isn’t as high quality as some other mats on the list, but it’s still a great training aid with distance markers for speed control practice. However, with no holes to target, you are limited in what you can practice. Still, this putting green has great value for a very portable, on-the-go option to tweak stroke mechanics.

8. Perfect Practice

As the endorsed, official putting mat of top PGA Tour player Dustin Johnson, it’s hard not to wonder what’s so great about this product. This putting mat’s extensive features and affordable price make Perfect Practice one you should consider. Distance markers on the mat let you work on controlling your distance, and an automatic ball return system enables you to get in as many reps as you want.


  • Great Price 
  • Rubber-backed bottom to ensure it stays in place
  • Auto golf ball return system
  • Two hole size options to work on more precise practice
  • Very low price


  • No breaking putts
  • Smaller size; limited to straight putts

Bottom Line:

If you are looking for a putting mat to work on speed control and have limited space, this is the putting mat for you. The addition of the ball return system and different-sized holes provides precise practice.

9. Birdie Ball 

The Birdie Ball putting mat was designed with a grain that provides the same feel as real-grass greens, where putts are slower or faster depending on the direction you’re putting relative to the grain of the green. Although small, this mat does the trick for elevating indoor practice.


  • Price 
  • Select your green speed
  • Easy set-up and storage


  • Turf material is not as high quality and is more foam-like
  • Limited features
  • Indoor only

Bottom Line:

As with all indoor practice greens, you get what you pay for with this mat. It is an elementary mat designed to work on short putts. For golfers looking to spend the least amount of money while getting better at making those knee-knocking birdie putts, this mat will be your secret weapon.

10. Putt-A-Bout

The Putt-A-Bout Par-3 Plus putting green is the best option if your only determining factor is price. The small mat has a slight incline at the hole, forcing you to be mindful of speed control. It also features sand trap cutouts to practice those offline putts.


  • Great Price 
  • Built-in sand trap cutouts
  • Designed for easy storage
  • Slight incline at the hole encourages a more confident stroke


  • Low-quality material
  • Small size limits type of practice
  • Not for serious golfers

Bottom Line:

While Putt-A-Bout is a great option for those on a budget, it doesn’t offer much practice variability. Depending on your self-improvement goals, this might not offer enough features to help improve your game as you would with higher-end putting mats.

Key Considerations for Putting Greens

Although we fully believe in our selections for best putting greens on the market, we know you may want to do more research yourself. Here are a few things to consider as you embark on your journey to find the best indoor putting mat.


Depending on how much space you have available for an indoor putting green, the size of the putting surface will largely influence which brand and product you decide on and is the first consideration you should make when deciding on an indoor putting green. If you have a limited area to dedicate in your home, office, spare bedroom, or finished basement, knowing how much space you can spare is paramount to ensuring you select the product that will maximize your practice abilities.


A common theme for most golfers is the struggle of transferring what they’ve learned on the practice tee to results on the golf course during a round. Choosing a product with the feel of a real putting green and true roll technology is paramount to ensuring you can practice how you intend to play, because that’s the only way to turn your work on the practice green into results on the golf course. While shopping for your perfect practice putting mat, we highly recommend that the turf used in your ultimate choice be a high-quality, tour-grade material.


Finding a product that offers a high-quality surface that mimics the feel of a real green will help improve your game. Yes, even a few putts a day on an indoor golf putting green will improve your game. However, practicing putting indoors on a mat that does not resemble an actual links experience will make it very hard to transfer the confidence you’ve built in your practice to when you are playing a real round of golf. That’s why you should look for putting greens that put a premium on quality construction, materials, and service.


Having an indoor golf putting green that stores easily can be a significant consideration for those not looking to have a mat or green out and visible all year. If you live by yourself and don’t have to worry about the space it takes up getting in the way of others, it might not be as important a consideration. However, if you have a family or entertain frequently, the ease of set-up and take-down might be at the top of your list of features in a mat.


Depending on the product, the price tag is always a significant factor. But many people don’t realize that a higher price tag often means that the materials used are of higher quality and will last longer. Often, a higher ticket item is prepared for a lifetime of use, never needing to be replaced, making the investment worth it in the long run.

Features & Accessories

Things like an automatic ball return feature, alignment lines, accommodations for breaking putts, training aids, flexibility for indoor-outdoor use, smaller cup sizes for more precise practice, app compatibility, and technological features are all things to consider when shopping for an indoor putting mat. If you can think of an indoor putting green feature, there is likely a company with a product to match. However, deciding which features are non-negotiable is often the best place to start your search. This will help narrow down which product or brand can offer you the best indoor golf mat for your needs.


As we’ve mentioned, price is often the primary deciding factor when purchasing anything, not just putting greens. This also affects the number of features available with certain products. Understanding your price range before shopping guarantees that you won’t get your hopes up for something outside your budget. Be realistic with your range and remember the key features you need, what you want to use it specifically for, and how you hope to benefit from it.

Top 5 Benefits of an Indoor Putting Green


Having an indoor putting surface allows you to work on your putting game from the comfort of your home or office. Stressors that might keep you from practicing, like inclement weather, access (or lack thereof) to a practice facility, or finding the time to carve out to go somewhere to practice, will no longer be speed bumps to practicing. You will build confidence with the convenience of having a place to work on your putting more frequently and uninterrupted.

Improved Putting Skills

Regular, consistent practice is needed for anyone to improve their game. When you practice putting regularly, you’ll get better at distance control, increase accuracy, and get a better feel for how to make your stroke. The ability to practice putting indoors will translate into better scores on the course and lower putting averages per round.


It is understandable if what is standing between you and your ability to practice is the cost of membership to a practice facility or country club. An indoor golf putting mat is a great, cost-effective option to practice without limitations on finances or time. It eliminates the need for access to a practice facility or spending lots of money on a golf membership. 


The great thing about indoor putting mats is that most companies offer a customizable option in addition to their pre-packaged products. Depending on how much space you have, what features you want, and how you want to practice, there is a company that can make your indoor putting green dreams come true. Do you want undulations to practice breaking putts? How about a projector and technology to create an interactive putting experience? Done and done. You name it, and someone out there will make sure it becomes a reality–for a price, of course.


Having an indoor putting mat can be the perfect way to take a fun break from work or a way for you to bond with friends and family. Life can get stressful; having an outlet to step away from those stressors and indulge in something you love to do in the comfort of your own home is a great way to add some fun back into your life.

Final Thoughts

All golfers should spend twice as much time practicing putting as any other part of their game. Whether you are an experienced golfer or just getting started in the game, indoor putting mats allow practice in any environment.

Depending on the features you view as most important, creating your dream indoor putting oasis is much easier than most realize. After all, just as there isn’t one perfect golf swing for everyone, there is a perfectly efficient swing for each golfer as an individual. The same goes for indoor putting set-ups. Your indoor putting green or mat needs are unique to you, and working with the right company will allow you to find the most effective route to meet your needs and golf goals.

Remember, if you really want to improve your game and shave those unwanted strokes off your handicap, regular, quality, focused practice is what you must strive towards.


What is an indoor putting mat?

In golf, indoor putting green products are made of artificial turf to mimic the feel and sometimes the shape of a real putting green. Typically, they come with pre-cut holes and allow golfers to practice in all weather conditions, whether indoors or outdoors.

What size indoor putting mat should I get?

The right size putting mat for you depends on your available room. Start by measuring the area where you would like to install one, and once you have the size, you know what size of putting mat you should be looking for.

What is the ideal surface for an indoor putting mat?

Depending on the quality of the product, the surface under the putting mat can be irrelevant or very important. For putting mats offering tour quality turf and substantial support or rubber backing, the surface on which it is placed doesn’t matter. But if your product provides little support or backing on the turf, hardwood floors or tile are the best surfaces to place it on.

Can an indoor putting mat help improve my golf game?

Absolutely! Indoor putting mats allow you to practice your putting in any environment. Your practice would no longer depend on the weather, available time, or access to a practice facility. Consistent quality practice will help improve your golf game, so having regular access to an indoor putting mat will allow you to practice your putting regularly and help improve your golf game.

Are indoor putting mats easy to set up?

Depending on the type of product, they can be. Size and portability will be key factors to pay attention to when shopping for an indoor putting mat. Most indoor putting mats are quite easy to set up, while puzzle-piece style greens are meant to stay set up for extended periods and would be difficult to haul in and out of storage space.

What features should I look for in an indoor putting mat?

Size, roll, rubber backing, ball return system, alignment aids/lines, portability, durability, the option to practice breaking putts, and turf quality are all key features to consider when shopping for an indoor putting mat.

How do I maintain my indoor putting mat?

Most indoor putting greens require little to no maintenance. Occasionally brush them with a broom to clear off debris, or use something heavy to flatten them out if they’re stored rolled up. Aside from those, indoor putting mats are very low maintenance, with some requiring no maintenance whatsoever.

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