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Phil Mickelson says his impressive recent run of form is down to his new Callaway driver...

In his last two PGA Tour appearances, three-time Masters champion Phil Mickelson has a win and a runner-up finish.

The popular American – who is skipping this week’s WGC Match Play to spend time with his children – told the Callaway Tour Blog that the company’s new RAZR Fit driver is to thank for his recent run of form.

The club is the Callaway’s first adjustable big-dog and has a gorgeous, compact head ideal for better players.

“It makes hitting shots off the tee a lot easier,” said the left-hander.

“I hit it longer, I hit it straighter, and I feel as though I don’t have to manipulate the club. I can just stand up and swing and the ball is going to go straight.

“I don’t know how the physics of this work, but usually when I hit, I’m able to hit a high, long ball off the tee and I’m also able to hit a low, controlled cut shot off the tee to get to the fairway.

“Usually it’s one or the other – usually a driver is not able to hit both. I don’t know what they did with the physics of it, but it allows me to hit every shot I’m trying to hit off the tee.”

The stats show a minimal increase in accuracy off the tee against last year, but Mickelson says his misses are much less severe than before – when he strays from the fairway, it isn’t by much.

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