Royal Mid-Surrey (JH Taylor)

Royal Mid-Surrey (JH Taylor)

Royal Mid-Surrey (JH Taylor)



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Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Club is in West London and is very close to Kew Gardens in Richmond. There are 36 holes here and you would never know until you entered the property. It seems impossible that this parkland oasis could be hidden away in the middle of the capital. In fact, the only giveaway that you are not in fact in the Surrey or Kent countryside is the planes periodically sailing past.

There are two courses at Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Club. They used to be known as the Inner and Outer, which made them sound a bit like constituent parts of a tyre. Now they have been re-badged as the JH Taylor and the Pam Barton. Slightly confusingly, since both courses were designed by JH Taylor. Barton was a famous female amateur.

The longer course of the two, and the more celebrated, is the JH Taylor, which encircles the Pam Barton. Recent and extensive work to the bunkering has brought to the course back to life. Allied to the sparkling new clubhouse, which is fantastically well appointed, plus exemplary practice facilities and you really do have a set-up to be envied.

The style of the course is level parkland and I thought Royal Mid-Surrey was at its best on holes with bold bunkering. I found both the 2nd and 4th to be distinctive. The former is a short par 5 that gets tighter the further you hit it, both on the first and second shots. A scooped-out hollow front left of the green (see above) is an added complication and enough to turn this golfer's putative birdie into an unpleasant six.

On the 4th, you want to skirt the fairway bunkers to get a clear view of the green. The other obvious stand-out is the attractive par-3 11th, with its small green just a short iron away but well protected by the bunkers at the front.

Situated in Old Deer Park, Royal Mid-Surrey Golf Club is a idyllic retreat from city life. So much so that by the time you have played a few holes you have forgotten where you are. The holes are never less than interesting and the JH Taylor is as easy a walk as you will find.