Reigate Heath

Reigate Heath

Reigate Heath



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Just nine holes are required to get Reigate Heath into our Fun Top 100 – and in a prominent position on the list.

This gorgeous heathland was created in 1895 and the holes follow the original routing albeit the course was amended in the 1970s to add some length that means it now measures 5,658 yards over 18 holes.

By modern standards that is short but it remains a proper test of golf. There are four par 4s ranging from 406 yards to 307 and three par 3s – the 6th as robust as 226 yards - with the 4th the sole par 5.

It is a real birdie chance if you can find the narrow bottleneck fairway that gives you a good look at the large green -which slopes from back to front - on this right-to-left dog-leg.

The 9th is a gorgeous heathland scene of heather, bracken and marram, as well as many deep pot bunkers surrounding the green.

All nine holes have different tees for the second loop to give some additional variety as a result of not only a change of distance, but also a variation in angle.

The quality of the course is best illustrated by the fact that after the alterations in 1972 the Amateur course record remained at 67 (par) for 23 years, being finally bettered in 1995 and now stands at 65.