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The image of Cullen tells a very accurate - as well as alluring - story of what to expect here.

It is sheltered in the lee of a crescent of distinctively red, sandstone cliffs, for the 1st hole. A delightful start.

Then you clamber blindly onto the tops, and hang onto its edge for four more, before parachuting back down. The views... well you can guess.

Back on the links, the golf is as compact as it is adequate, and all the better for its lack of fuss. The terrain does much of the work here.

Many come here for the 12th: Over the previous flag, and then over a “V” in the tapered shoulder of the cliff, the green is not as welcoming as one would expect.

But there's also the 13th: Eastward along the precipice, between and over two further offset outcrops to a hidden saucer, this villainous three is by comparison, quirk-free.

Sporty, you must play Cullen at least once! And its position in our Fun Top 100 tells you just how highly we rate it...