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Strandhill Golf Club | NCG Top 100s: Ireland

Strandhill Golf Club is one of several on the NCG Top 100s: Ireland list to sit on the western coast of the country, in its own little region west of Sligo. 
The club has been around for almost a century, dating back to 1931. It only became an 18-hole layout in the 1970s.  
Out of bounds, the sea breeze, narrow fairways and quirky dog-legs all come into play during a round at Strandhill.  
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A Brief History of Strandhill Golf Club

Despite being around for almost a century, Strandhill Golf Club is one of the younger clubs that you will find on the NCG Top 100s: Ireland list. 
Strandhill was founded in 1931, and was originally a 9-hole course. John McAlister redesigned the course around a decade later.  
The present 18-hole course only came to fruition in 1973, recently celebrating its 50th year in use. There are plans in place for lengthening and improving some of the holes, along with the possibility of adding in some new holes in the near future.  

Strandhill Golf Club Review | NCG Top 100s: Ireland

By far, Strandhill is not the longest course that you will find on the NCG Top 100s: Ireland list. From the tips, the course only measures in at 6,200 yards. It plays as a Par 70, and although it might not have the length of other courses, there are still plenty of challenges on this 18-hole layout. With out of bounds to contend with, the sea breeze and narrow fairways, it is a course that you have to plot your way around. 
The first of just two par 5s on the Strandhill layout gets you underway. The opener is only 495 yards, but with out of bounds down the entirety of the left side, your tee shot can not be pulled. The 1st has the widest fairway on the course, and it is a gentle opening to your round. The 2nd is a 175-yard par 3, and if you get through that unscathed, then you are presented with two par 4s. 3 is around the 400-yard mark, while the 4th is only 350 yards, and a hole you can attack.  
The 5th is the longest hole at Strandhill, at 510 yards from the tips. It is also the last par 5 on the property. It plays as a dog-leg left, and with just a single bunker to avoid, the chance of a birdie or eagle is high on 5. The 6th is the hardest hole on the front nine, before you get into the turn, where there are plenty of scoring opportunities.  
381, 334, 345, 352, 366, 361. Those are the yardages of the six par 4s around the turn, with the par 3 9th hole, at just 150 yards, also a birdie chance. The closing hole on the front nine is the easiest on the course, while the 8th and 11th are also up there. A number of these holes play as dog-legs, while the 13th green is easily the smallest on the course.  
If you have scored well in the middle part of the round, then you come to a tough finish. Following the 166-yard par 3 14th, another hole with no bunkers, you get to the 15th. It might only be down as 335 yards on the card, but it is the hardest hole on the course. 16 and 18 are both par 4s over 400 yards, while the penultimate hole at Strandhill pushes the 200-yard mark. The last par 3 on the property only has one bunker to contend with a large green in play, but the distance is what makes it difficult. The closing hole is 444 yards long from the tips, and plays as a dog-leg right. There is one fairway bunker and one greenside bunker to contend with, but if you can avoid them, then you can finish on a high.

FAQs about Strandhill Golf Club

Where is Strandhill Golf Club located? Strandhill Golf Club is on the western side of Ireland, in the shadows of Queen Maeve’s Cairn. Sligo is the nearest city, just over five miles to the east of Strandhill. Views of Strandhill Beach and Portavade Beach are available to golfers playing Strandhill, along with the ability to look out to the North Atlantic Ocean.  
Sligo Station is the nearest train station to Strandhill, and it sits in the centre of the city, five miles from the golf club. Trains from Dublin Connolly run through Maynooth and Carrick on Shannon to Sligo regularly. For international visitors looking to play Strandhill Golf Club, Ireland West Knock Airport is the closest, but Dublin Airport – which services the nation’s capital city – provides a much more diverse range of flights and destinations. Dublin Airport is around 140 miles from Strandhill.  

What golf facilities does Strandhill Golf Club offer?
Strandhill Golf Club does not have its own driving range, but there is a short game area and a putting green for golfers to hone their short game skills on before taking to the course.  

What are the green fees at Strandhill Golf Club?
The price of a green fee at Strandhill Golf Club changes throughout the year, depending on the season. It is also different depending on whether it is a weekday or weekend.  
For more information on current green fees at Strandhill Golf Club, visit their website here
Visit the Strandhill Golf Club website here