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St George's Hill Golf Club

St George's Hill Golf Club | NCG Top 100s: GB&I Golf Courses

St George's Hill Golf Club is a prestigious and historically significant golfing establishment located in Weybridge, Surrey. Nestled within an affluent residential community, the club offers a unique blend of luxurious living and world-class golfing experiences.

The club boasts a storied golf course, designed by the renowned golf architect Harry Colt. With impeccably manicured fairways, challenging bunkers, and subtly undulating greens, it offers a superb and challenging golfing experience.

St George's Hill Golf Club places a strong emphasis on maintaining its facilities at the highest standards. Regular course maintenance and periodic refurbishments ensure that the club continues to rank among the top golf courses in the UK.

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A Brief History of St George's Hill Golf Club

In 1911, local builder W.G. Tarrant had the vision to create a golf course directly adjacent to luxury houses, and recruited the renowned golf architect Harry Colt to design the course he envisioned. St George's Hill opened for play in October of 1913, embarking on a path to be one of the best golf courses in Surrey and indeed the entire UK.

During the First World War, the St George's Hill clubhouse took on a significant and compassionate role. It was operated by the Red Cross and became a crucial military hospital, providing care and aid to nearly 3,000 people in need. 

In 1929, a second 18 hole course opened in order to attract new members. Again, during the Second World War, the Golf Club was used for military purposes, with the War Office using areas of the course to train as well as to station defences against air attacks.

In 1946, the second course was reduced to nine holes due to lack of funding. In 1987 the second course, now known as the Green 9, was redesigned. Since then, the course has undergone major refurbishment to maintain its standards as one of the top 100 UK golf courses.

St George's Hill Golf Club Review | NCG Top 100s: GB&I Golf Courses

St George's Hill was such a simple idea, like all the best ones are: find a piece of prime golfing real estate, engage the services of the greatest architect to take maximum advantage of it and then leave enough space around the perimeter for the great and the good to build expansive properties overlooking the course. 

WG Tarrant, a local builder, was the man with the foresight and Harry Colt the architect in question. It was the first golf course to be built lined by property and it is possible to argue, over a century later, that it has not been bettered since in the execution.
It helped, of course, that St George's Hill is near Weybridge, in leafy west London – as desirable a spot then as it is now. The site itself is also spectacular – a rolling heather-clad landscape interspersed with towering Scots Pines.

Colt created three nines – the Red, Blue and Green. Traditionally, it is the Red and Blue that have together made up the principal 18 holes, though the slightly shorter Green is cut from very much the same cloth. 

The combination of Red and Blue creates a layout that measures a shade over 6,500 yards and plays to a par of 70. This is Golden Age design at its finest, and one of the most fascinating features is holes unencumbered by the notion of par, which had yet to be invented. The 4th on the Red is just 270 yards, and it's downhill at that. Yet the 6th is 468 yards. Similarly the 10th (the 1st on the Blue) is 434 yards with a blind drive and plays into the prevailing wind, while the next hole is barely 100 yards. So you should expect a course that is straightforward one moment and incredibly challenging the next.
As with so many of Colt's courses, it is the par 3s that live longest in the memory. The crowning jewel is the 8th, with its stunning vista from the tee towards the distant, domed green on the other side of the shallow ravine.
To play St George's Hill is to enjoy a history lesson in the company of perhaps the greatest course designer the game has ever known.

The Red Nine

The Red Nine at St. George's Hill Golf Club offers a mix of challenging par-4s, picturesque par-3s, and a couple of par-5s. It's a course that demands precision and strategy off the tee and on approach shots, set against a backdrop of scenic beauty and the architectural legacy of Harry S. Colt.

The Blue Nine

The Blue Nine at St. George's Hill Golf Club is another distinguished part of this prestigious golfing establishment located in Weybridge, Surrey, England. The Blue Nine at St. George's Hill Golf Club provides a mix of challenges, including doglegs, well-placed bunkers, and scenic par-3s. 

The Green Nine

The Green Nine, despite its shorter length compared to the Red and Blue Nines, offers a captivating collection of holes that require strategic skill. This segment of the course emphasizes precision over power, inviting golfers to master the art of control and shot selection. Nestled amidst natural beauty, the Green Nine provides a serene contrast to the course's more demanding stretches.

Is there a dress code at St George's Hill?

St. George's Hill Golf Club, like many private golf clubs, has a dress code in place to maintain tradition, respectability and uphold the club's standards as it is one of the best golf courses in England, and therefore members and visitors are expected to dress appropriately. 

For example, on the course. spiked or rubber soled golf shoes must be worn and shorts must be tailored and worn with either knee length socks of any colour or white socks of any length. Players are not permitted to wear t-shirts, denim, tracksuits or cargo shorts.

Where is St George's Hill located?

St. George's Hill Golf Club is located in Weybridge, Surrey, England. It is situated approximately 20 miles southwest of central London.

Weybridge itself offers shopping, dining, and other amenities, including the Weybridge Railway Station for convenient transportation.

While not right next door, Weybridge's proximity to London means you can easily access all the attractions and cultural offerings of the UK's capital city, including museums, theaters, and historic sites.

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